Bornholm is a slow-paced Baltic island, west of the Etholmene Islands. Lying off the coasts of Sweden and Poland, Bornholm receives many hours of sunshine and the extraordinary, pure light has always attracted artists to the island. Bornholm presents the Danish landscape in a nutshell; it is hilly and fertile with fields and large forests. It's the only place in Denmark where you can walk out on craggy, granite coastline. Bornholm also offers you pure, white beaches, particularly Dueodde, a vast stretch of fine sand. 

Bornholm's Art Museum

Culture and heritage

Visit an island with a strong artisan tradition and fascinating Bronze Age sites.


Towns and villages

Bornholm's towns are within easy reach of one another and make for a nice network of visits. Cycle or drive between quaint country towns and coastal harbours and try regional delicacies along the way!

Bornholm cycling

Active holidays

With great options for attractive and unique cycle routes, as well as fishing, climbing and golf on the island, Bornholm is a compact getaway which offers you lots of activities.

Bornholm's Round Churches

The Round Churches

Both Baltic fortresses and places of worship, Bornholm's round churches are fascinating windows back in time.

Culinary specialties

Bornholm is most known for its exceptional smoked fish and its signature dish, Sun over Gudhjem. Other must-try foods include blue cheese, rye biscuits, rape oil and fat Bornholm roosters.