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Eurovision 2014 is held in Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Copenhagen is to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Ever since Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2013 in Swedish Malmö, a number of Danish cities have expressed their wish to host next year’s competition. Today, the choice fell on the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. After three and a half months of negotiations, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation has decided on the Danish capital.

The venue for the three fantastic music shows, the semi-finals on 6 and 8 May and the final on 10 May next year, will be the old B&W shipyard. The old factory halls have been crucial to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s decision.

"We are so proud that the choice has fallen on Copenhagen to host Eurovision 2014. It is a big win for the entire Capital Region, which also has great value for all of Denmark. The Eurovision Song Contest is an opportunity for us to reach out to the world again and tell the story of one of our society’s industrial icons, Copenhagen shipyard, as a venue for the creative Copenhagen. We look forward to welcoming thousands of visitors from all over the world," says Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, who submitted the official bid in close cooperation with the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region.

Eurovision Island

The ancient and historic B&W shipyard on the island Refshaleøen in Copenhagen Harbour offers a unique opportunity to create a new and exciting framework for the Eurovision show, taking it to the next level.

According to executive producer and head of the Eurovision production in Denmark Pernille Gaardbo, the Copenhagen shipyard venue makes it possible to create an innovative TV show previously unseen in Eurovision history. The entire Refshaleøen island will be transformed into Eurovision Island, where participants, fans and media will meet for the world’s biggest music competition.

On top of that, Copenhagen offers every conceivable demand for accommodation and cultural experiences that characterises an international city. Just a few months ago, Copenhagen was proclaimed world's most livable city by renowned magazine Monocle.

Figures from this year's Eurovision in Malmö, Sweden, points to more than 18,000 foreign visitors and up to 80,000 commercial accommodations. With approximately 170 million viewers, all eyes will be on Copenhagen, Denmark.

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FACTFILE - Eurovision 2014

•It is the 3rd time that the Eurovision Song Contest is held in Copenhagen (1964, 2001 and 2014).

•The semifinals are held on 6th + 8th May and the final on 10th May 2014. Ahead of each show three rehearseals are held - two days in advance of each broadcasting and one the same day as the actual broadcasting. 

•B&W Halls are approx. 10,000 m2 in size and 60m from floor to ceiling.

•The Eurovision Park constitutes over 40,000m2 and includes activities, amusements, music events and venues for acquiring food and beverages.

•The Press Center, approx. 8,000m2 in size, will include broadband network for minimum 1,500 journalists.

•The accreditation system will cater for approx. 10,000 accredited delegates, media and fans.

•There are more than 20,000 hotel rooms available in the Greater Copenhagen Area. Thereof, 3,600 hotel rooms have been pre-booked for the Eurovision 2014 already.

•Refshaleøen is approx. 500,000 m2 in size. The island used to house the B&W Shipyard until 1996. Today, is houses employers, galleries, a beach bar and restaurants.

•Project group behind the cooperation with DR - Danish Broadcasting Corporation - are The City Council of Copenhagen, The Capital Region of Copenhagen, Wonderful Copenhagen and Refshaleøen Holding.