Nightlife scene at Graabrodre Torv in Copenhagen

Copenhagen nightlife

Copenhagen is ready to show you a good time! At the weekends, the city is a hive of activity until the early hours of the morning with bars, clubs and pubs open late. Below are some nightlife highlights, listing great spots for a night out in the city centre and Copenhagen’s coolest districts.

Denmark's pubs

If it’s your first time in Copenhagen, a bodega is a great way to experience old Denmark. These pubs are cosy, closed-in places where everyone knows everyone else’s names. Ask a local to show you how to play a game of dice, a popular Danish pastime!


Copenhageners love their bars. With everything from trendy wine bars to old-school drinking holes, you won’t go thirsty in Copenhagen. 

Breweries and beer bars

Copenhagen has a great range of micro breweries where you can sample their wares and grab a delicious bite to eat to go with it.

Cocktail bars

Is yours a Hairy Chihuahua or Copenhagen’s very own cocktail, The Copenhagen? Whatever you’re in to, they’ll mix it for you here, in Copenhagen's cocktails bars


Night fever! The Danes like everyting from disco to techno so you won't have trouble finding a nightclub that caters to yoru taste. Here you'll find a selection of the best places to put on your dancing shoes

Sports bars

Don’t miss the game while you’re in town. Head to one of Copenhagen’s lively sports bars to catch all the action. 

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Copenhagen - hot bars and cool cocktails

The Danes have always known how to enjoy themselves resulting in Copenhagen having some of Europe's most eclectic and interesting nightlife. So, why not join them for a fun night out on the town? 

Cosy Copenhagen bars