Cheap accommodation Denmark

Cheap accommodation in Denmark

There are lots of options for cheap accommodation in Denmark and even free accommodation, if you know how to find it! From house swap holidays to free camping in the wild, if you're a budget-conscious traveller read on to find cheap accommodation in Denmark.

Campsites in Denmark

Camping is a great option for travelling cheap around Denmark and there are over 500 fantastic campsites in Denmark. It's a way to get up close to Danish nature, to wake to the sounds of the great outdoors and to save money on accommodation. You can camp in sites next to the beach, in the forest, on the lakeshore or close to big cities. And with campsites for different budgets too, you'll definitely find a campsite to suit your holiday needs. 

Wild camping in Denmark

If you want to avoid the sound of cars and really get away from it all, you can camp at over 1,000 wild camping sites in Denmark. You can stay one night at primitive tent sites across Denmark. Some have shelters, so you don't even need a tent, and areas for making fires, as well as access to toilets and water. This cheap accommodation is aimed at people travelling by foot, bicycle, by water or on horseback! Find wild camping sites in Denmark

Rock up and pitch your tent for free!

Looking for free accommodation in Denmark? There are a number of designated areas where you're allowed to pitch a tent free of charge and spend a night. See where you are able to do this at the Danish Nature Agency's map of free places to put up your tent in Denmark. Note: designated areas are marked in green.

House swap holidays

Why not try a house swap with a Danish family for your next holiday? House swap holidays are an economical and popular way of really experiencing the culture of a place. You may even leave feeling like a local! There are home swap organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide, and they usually incur an annual fee, but no money changes hands between the two groups doing the swap.

Live for free in private homes

Another form of free accommodation in Denmark that's growing in popularity is Couchsurfing. It lets members of the network stay for free at other members’ homes. You don't need to open your own home to others to take advantage of this cheap accommodation form, but it is considered good practice if you’re Couchsurfing yourself!

Other ways to travel Denmark cheap

Get tips on cheap ways to travel, cheap restaurants and more in our cheap holiday guide.

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