Billund Airport

West Denmark's International Airport
Providing service to an annual 2.7 million passengers, it is Billund Airport’s mission to be West Denmark’s international airport. The airport provides all West Danes with easy access to and from the world.

An array of airlines has flights with direct connection from Billund to more than 40 European destinations comprising important central airports such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris and London from where there is connections to more than 500 destinations across the world. It is also possible to reach a considerable number of Scandinavian destinations from Billund.

With the arrival of the low-price airlines in 2006, the airport experienced a significant growth with the result that today it is possible to reach a wide selection of Southern European destinations by low-price flights directly from Billund!

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Passagerterminalen 10
7190 Billund


+45 7650 5050


+45 7650 5076



Longitude : 9.1510376999
Latitude : 55.742195