Danish Food

Love food? Love Denmark! With 17 Michelin stars and 14 Bib Gourmands, Denmark is the gastronomic capital of Scandinavia. Copenhagen is home to 13 Michelin-starred restaurants and is home to the world’s second best restaurant, noma. So if you’re looking for the nordic culinary experience, come to Denmark and eat to your heart’s content.

Eat well for less in Denmark

Denmark has great food for all budgets. If you want to eat well without breaking the bank, there is a multitude of fantastic places to get your food fix. The country is full of restaurants, big and small, where you can get good, hearty Danish and international specialities at a price to suit you. Denmark is known for its “Smørrebrød” – open-faced sandwiches with plenty of delicious toppings – and no visit is complete without sampling this delicacy. If you prefer something on the go, do as the Danes and try a hotdog from one of the many hot dog stands.

Guides to in eating Denmark

We've all been there. Arriving at a destination and wanting to try the best food there is – but where to go?


These guides will save you time and energy on your holiday and take you on a tour-de-food of Denmark. Look forward to festivals, good-value restaurants and traditional Danish smørrebrød.

Restaurant Geranium in Denmark has one Michelin star and a 3-time Bocuse d'or winner! 

Superchef René Redzepi runs the exceptional Nordic kitchen at noma in Copenhagen.

A tasty culinary movement

Over the last few years, the best chefs in Denmark have developed a whole new Nordic food movement. It's based on seasonal produce, traditional preparation and local knowledge. It's New Nordic Cuisine, it's mega popular and it's not to be missed!

The delicious phenomenon that started in one restaurant in Copenhagen and put Denmark on the world map for food.

The best of Danish food

It's not all fine dining in Denmark! Many Danes like nothing better than a hot dog from an outdoor stand on the way home from work! Explore some of Denmark's most popular food trends here...

Taste your way around Denmark with this mouth-watering guide to traditional Danish dishes.