Denmark timeline

Here you can browse through a very quick history of a very old country.

c. 12500 BC - The first hunters inhabit Danish lands.

3900 BC - Basic society built on agriculture and animal husbandry.

400-700 - Urbanisation begins.

866-867 - Viking conquest of York, which becomes the Viking capital of England.

c.965 - Introduction of Christianity to Denmark.

1015-1034 - England under Danish rule.

1397-1523 - The Kalmar Union, uniting Denmark with Norway ( including Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Shetland, Orkney and Iceland) and Sweden (including Finland).

1479 - Founding of Copenhagen University.

1536 - The Reformation, Norway incorporated into Denmark.

1660-1661 - Introduction of absolutism – the absolute power of the monarchy to rule.

1666-1917 - Danish colonies created in the Caribbean.

1807 - Bombing of Copenhagen by the English navy.

1814 - Norway’s departure from the Union.

1848 - Abolition of absolutism.

1849 - First liberal constitution, the June Constitution.

1864 - Loss of the German duchies.

1914-1918 - Danish neutrality during the First World War.

1915 - Constitutional reform, enfranchisement of women.

1920 - North-Schleswig vote in favour of reunion with Denmark.

1940-1945 - German occupation during WWII.

1945 - Founding membership of the UN.

1949 - Membership of NATO.

1973 - Membership of the EEC.

1993 - Membership of the EU.

2011 - First female Prime Minster in office.

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