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hot dog stand Denmark

The Danish hot dog stand

Get ready for a truly Danish sight. A hot dog vendor walking down the middle of a main road, pulling a massive hot dog trailer and a queue of traffic behind them!

A taste of Danish culture

This unique phenomenon happens each morning and each night, as Danish hot dog vendors walk their motorised hot dog stands between home and their selling spot. Danish hot dog stands are a cultural institution and have been feeding hungry Danes for more than 80 years. You’ll see them dotted all over the place, though there are less of them today than there were just a few decades ago, with the rise in fast food competition all around them. 

Far from gourmet food! 

Try a hot dog yourself and see why all types of Danes stop off for a bite on the go. It’s certainly not gourmet cuisine but it’s deliciously different. You can choose a variety of trimmings with your sausage such as ketchup, mustard, roasted and raw onions and bread.  Finish it off with a bottle of cold chocolate milk and a quick wipe of the face, and you’ve really tasted everyday Danish culture.

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Did you know...

Each year, Denmark's Best Hot Dog is found at Food Festival, Aarhus. There are 2 hotly contested categories, traditional and gourmet, with some of Denmark's best chefs competing!