How to get to Denmark

Are you wondering how to get to Denmark from the UK?

Located on the tip of mainland Europe, the main means of transportation to Denmark from the UK is via air. Denmark's main airport is Copenhagen Airport, which is serviced by all major international airline operators. You can also fly to the Jutland peninsula serviced by Billund, Aarhus and Aalborg airports. As there are no longer a direct ferry line from the UK to Denmark, we have also made suggestions for alternative routes by car.  

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Entry to Denmark information

Entry to Denmark

Denmark is a member of the European Union, and travel to and from Denmark is governed by EU law. Different entry requirements may apply depending on where you're travelling from, and what your nationality is.

Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

By air

Denmark is well serviced by airports, and most major airline operators have routes to and from the country. If you're looking to fly to Denmark, read on!

Copenhagen harbour bath

Your guide to Copenhagen

Come and be charmed by Copenhagen - a cosy knot of winding streets, beautiful buildings, mouthwatering New Nordic Cuisine and an unparalleled sense of style.