The Latin Quarter

The oldest quarter in Aarhus

The ‘Latin Quarter’ is the oldest quarter in Aarhus. It grew up between the late 14th century after the city had been given permission to demolish the old Viking fortifications. The streets have historical names such as Klostergade (Convent St), Volden (The Rampart) and Borggade (Castle St) – and in the centre of the quarter lies the Pustervig Torv square as a small and cosy oasis, perfect for a break.

Unique café and shopping atmosphere

In the Latin Quarter you will find a vibrant atmosphere, the cafés are filled with people, the streets are narrow and cobblestoned, all providing the perfect setting for the small, chic shops selling one-off items in the area.
When it is time to rest your feet and to get a cup of coffee, the Latin Quarter has a range of cosy cafes. Round of the day by dining in one of the city's many exciting restaurants.

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Latiner Kvarteret
8000 Aarhus C


  • Facilities

    • Restaurant/Cafe
  • Type

    • Town district



Longitude : 10.209904
Latitude : 56.157215