Love Denmark

Get struck by Cupid’s arrow in Denmark and take your loved one on a dreamy weekend break to one of Denmark's many romantic cities. Get ready to be seduced by world-class Danish gastronomy, charmed by old cities and captivated by beautiful coastline sunsets. The opportunities for a relaxed and wonderful holiday in Denmark are endless. Visit Kerteminde at Funen, also known as the Garden by the Sea, and see its historic harbours or goexplore North Sealand and its picturesque houses and sandy beaches along the coast and stay at one of Small Danish Hotels' charming inns, hotels or manors, when visiting Denmark. Whatever city you choose to visit and whether you choose to bike, walk or drive, Denmark is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. 

Did you know that just 30 minutes away from Copenhagen, along the Danish Riviera in North Sealand, you will come across small, quaint villages, beautiful beaches, delightful seafood and new nordic cuisine, lavish castles and hotels.

Explore the stunning nature and history of Kerteminde, situated on the northeast coast of Funen, and let yourself be charmed by the city's local specialist shops, half-timbered houses and many notable harbours. 

Stay at one of Small Danish Hotels' charming, individually owned inns, hotels, castles or manors in Denmark. The association, Small Danish Hotels, ensures that you will receive a good personal service and a high level of hospitality during your stay.

Be inspired by 10 of the best itineraries that will help you decide which things to put on you to-do list, when going on your romantic getaway to Denmark. The list ranges from best beaches to the most marvellous castles in Denmark. 

A good life by the sea