Nature in Aalborg

Aalborg is located in the northern part of Jutland, next to the Limfjord. The area surrounding Aalborg is full of natural beauty and well-preserved historical sights. Untouched forests, conservation areas and the fjord make Aalborg an ideal starting point for natural adventures. Lille Vildmose – Danish wilderness.

Nature in Aalborg

Believe it or not, just a half-hours' drive from bustling Aalborg lies an untouched Danish wilderness. Its name is Lille Vildmose, which means ‘little wild bog on the heath.’ Climb the lookout tower and see red deer, Denmark’s only golden eagles, the wildest of wild boars, and fox cubs at play. Covering an area of some 7,600 hectares, Lille Vildmose is Denmark's biggest conservation area and contains nature unique to this part of Europe. Lille Vildmose is home to one of the last remaining raised bogs in Western Europe as well as Denmark's only free roaming wild boar population. Lille Vildmose also offers some of the finest deciduous forests with a rich animal life, including one of the greatest selections of birds in Denmark.

Green Aalborg

Looking for environmentally friendly holiday options? Find inspiration on how to turn the most beautiful natural resorts in and around Aalborg into your playground and how to make your stay more sustainable. 

Active holiday

The city of Aalborg and the surrounding areas offer great opportunities for active holidays. The beautiful nature of the Limfjord and Lille Vildmose is full of charm and unique experiences just waiting to be discovered. The city of Aalborg itself also has several green oases to break up the hustle of urban life. Here you will find inspiration for interesting activities whether you are into adrenalin-filled action or magnificent experiences in the great outdoors. 

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