North Jutland

The top of Denmark is an island, split from mainland Jutland by the enormous Limfjord. To the north, it juts dramatically out into sea on all sides. You’ll find that this isolation produces a very special light and more hours of sunshine than the rest of Denmark. The landscape is beautiful but harsh, with endless white beaches, sand dunes, cliffs, heathland and forests. Witness the bizarre sight of trees bending east from the sheer force of the prevailing wind or take a break from the wind around the sheltered straits, inlets and bays of the Limfjord.

A region of contrasts

North Jutland is dotted with picturesque holiday towns and fishing villages. It's also home to the multi-faceted northern city of Aalborg. Taste regional specialities and venture out into the unspoilt surroundings of North Jutland's holiday destinations.

Video: within 1 hour from Aalborg. Top sights

You have some of North Jutland's biggest attractions within close distance from Aalborg and Aalborg Airport. 

Artistic heritage

Rich in Viking heritage and a favourite hang-out of Danish painters, North Jutland's cultural and historical offerings are many. Skagen has been a hub for culture in the region for centuries and Aalborg is full of galleries, museums, cafes and restaurants.

The great outdoors

Windswept beaches, shifting sands, islands and the best watersports opportunities in the whole country. Head to North Jutland to experience Denmark's wilder side!

Step back in time on islands without cars... or dogs!

With water on every side and a maximum distance of 50km to the coast, North Jutland is all about beach life.

The top of Denmark

Visit the top of Denmark. Here, you can stand in two seas at once and watch the multi-coloured waters mingle round your feet. Then head to the picturesque town of Skagen to try local delicacies. You won't want to leave!

Stand in two different seas at once or climb Denmark's largest shifting sand dune.

Many people associate North Jutland with good old danish pastry and pickled herring, but this area has so much more to offer. The North Jutland gastronomy is basically based on local recipes handed down by generations, all made out of local specialties.  



The seas surrounding North Jutland is like a seafood buffet with some of the best fish and shell fish. Enjoy Norwegian lobster, crab's claw, herring, mussels or oysters on some of the many restaurants or by joining one of the many seafood festivals.



How about grocery shopping in the woods? By participating in a mushroom-gathering trip, you will be able to go find your own fresh mushroom for the dinner table. A great way for you and you family to enjoy an active and social outdoor event and even bring home the delicious chanterelles or King Bolete mushrooms. Keep in mind before you go, to gather knowledge about which mushrooms are edible and which you should leave. 


Vildmose potatoes

These potatoes are famous for their great taste and unique firm consistency. They are planted at the old marsh Store Vildmose, that today is a profilic land with airy peat moss, which make the perfect conditions for planting potatoes. The potatoes are best enjoyed boiled in 10 minutes in salty water, served with a bit of butter and a sprinkle of Læsø salt.

Læsø salt

Læsø salt is produced by the ancient techniques of the Middle Ages and has a fantastic taste and decorative look. Visit Læsø Saltworks and learn more about the history of the salt and how it is produced. Læsø Saltworks is open all year.


Schnapps and aquavit

You can not visit North Jutland without tasting the tradional and spicy schnapps and aquavit. By using the local herbs and plants in the drink you will create a rich tasting aquavit. Buy it in the shop or make it youself by collecting plants and herbs to mix in your drink.



Beside of all the great nature experiences, North Jutland is also a great place for 'beer crawling'. Throug the years a number of micro breweries has emerged in the North Jutland. Every micro brewery produces great tasting beer and keeps on developing new flavors. 


North Jutland practical information

Choose your North Jutland region and visit their website for further information.

Quick facts

Main city: Aalborg
Aalborg population: 192,000
Nearest airport: Aalborg
International ferry ports:
Frederikshavn (Norway, Sweden)
Hirstals (Norway)
Hanstholm (Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, UK)
Distance from Copenhagen:
Aalborg (414km)
Skagen (517km) 

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