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South Jutland

As Denmark’s historic borderland, South Jutland is rich in opposing histories and unique culture. It's changed hands more than once over the centuries and you can sense that turbulence when you visit the region’s many diverse, historical sites. The landscape is at odds with its difficult history and you’ll find South Jutland to be a gentle, open land, bordered by Little Belt beaches to the east and the Wadden Sea National Park to the west. Today, Flensburg Fjord acts as a natural border with Germany, but there is no longer a physical border to cross.

Denmark's historic borderland

South Jutland has always had a strategically important location and has developed a fascinating history as a result. It's also lined with dramatic coast and full of historical and cultural sights - well worth a visit!

Map of South Jutland

An ancient destination

South Jutland is a historical treasure trove, with well-preserved ancient towns, castles, cathedrals and a multitude of exciting museums. It's also home to Denmark's oldest town and each year, you can enjoy a variety of historical festivals and markets.

Birdwatchers' paradise

The Wadden Sea National Park is a weather-beaten wildernesses and a fantastic destination for walking, watersports and birdwatching.

The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea

An ecological treasure trove, this vast marshland expanse is teeming with wildlife.

The wild South-West

The wide open expanses of South Jutland offer you a wealth of outdoor possibilities, on land, water and wheels. So brace yourself for the great outdoors and get active!

South Jutland

Natural experiences

Walk, hike or ride through seemingly endless, open landscape in this atmospheric part of Denmark.

Quick facts

Main town: Kolding
Nearest airport: Billund
International ferry port: 
Røme/Havneby (Germany)
Distance from Copenhagen:
Kolding (232km)
Ribe (282km)
Sønderborg (325km) 

Cycling Denmark

Active holidays

The wide open expanses of South Jutland offer you a wealth of outdoor possibilities, on land, water and wheels.