Økomuseum Samsø Velkomstcentret

The Welcome Centre in the old dairy in Tranebjerg is Ecomuseum Samsøs HQ. Here visitors are given a cultural historical introduction to the island, information about Ecomuseum Samsøs many attractions, activities and events, and may be inspired to seek out the history in the landscape.

In the cinema you can see the movie “Samsø – an island becomes”, Samsøs development through 16,000 years told in 8 minutes. The film is a good introduction to experience the island and its history.

This year’s exhibition “Myths, Legends and shovel in the ground” refers to the current castle excavations on Samsø, which began in 2008 as a collaborative project between the National Museum, Moesgaard Museum and Ecomuseum Samsø. The exhibition tells legends and myths, and tales of fortresses, but also the historical sources that have contributed to the knowledge we have today. We tell why we dig, and what methods we use to get achieve knowledge.

The attraction “HistorieUniverset” (HistoryUniverse) is a a part of the Welcome Centre and a place for children to experience history in a new and fun way. Through fascinating stories and experiments children are inspired to get physically involved with the history and be encouraged to seek out the “real” historical sites on the island.

The Welcome Center also contains a museum shop, which has a large selection of historical toys and jewelry, literature from and about Samsø and unique gifts.

Opening hours
01/04/2012 - 31/10/2020 Monday - Sunday

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Museumsvej 5, Tranebjerg
8305 Samsø


+45 86592150

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