Riverboat Jazz Festival

There is more than 100 free concerts at the Riverboat Jazz Festival in Silkeborg.

It's Denmark’s oldest jazz festival – in 2016 it celebrates its 50th birthday - and it has many proud traditions. The festival has survived all these years through the effort that unbelievably many people grant the festival every year.

For instance the many volunteers who year after year use day and night to create the festival and every day at the festival solve the challenges they are faced with.

The festival attracts bands from both Europe and USA – and of course Denmark.

Every year about 50.000 people visits the jazz festival in Silkeborg.

Event date/time
24/06/2015 - 28/06/2015 Riverboat Jazz FestivalWednesday - Sunday -

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Papirfabrikken 72
8600 Silkeborg


+45 86 80 16 17


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    • Gudenå
    • Silkeborg
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    • Festival
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