Round Amager Strandpark

The kayak race Amager Strandpark Rundt in Copenhagen invites everyone interested in water sports to experience and participate in the kayak competition. In 2015, the race will take place for the 11th time.

This race is Denmark's only kayak race with a 'La Mans Start' - the competitors run across a part of the track to reach their kayaks before heading into the water.

The competitors are in for 20 kilometres of race divided into four tracks - the calmer water in the lagoon and the livelier water on the outer side.

Sign up for the 2015 race opens in June 2015.

Event date/time
25/07/2015 - 25/07/2015 Amager StrandparkSaturday -
Price interval
Under 18 years
Free of charge

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Amager Strandvej 110
2300 København S


+45 3366 3319


  • City / Area

    • København S
  • Types of events

    • One-day events
    • Sport

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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 12.6330883
    Latitude : 55.6606869