Silkeborg Lakes

Silkeborg is like the Venice of Denmark: romantic, historical, exciting.
Clean fresh air, fields with yellow flowers covering the hilly landscape, and light green forests with drips of blue lakes, where the river (Guden Å) runs through the modern city of Silkeborg.
Explore the artistic vibes, grounded in Asger Jorn the founding member of the avant-garde movement COBRA and a rich tradition of artistic-craftsmanship. Go on adventure in the historical treasures, such as the 'Tollundman', the most well preserved bog body from pre-historic times.  Sail the lakes on the oldest operative paddle steamer in the world. Or simply rent a canoe, a bike, or go hiking in some of the world’s most beautiful lake and forest-scenery. Take a walk on the street, shop for Danish design, and listen to the rhythms of jazz that usually pulse in the background. Silkeborg is well known for the unique jazz festival, Riverboat.

Video: Silkeborg

This wonderful little video is a chapter from “Land, Årstidernes Danmark”. Enjoy Silkeborg in painting, music, poetry & moving images. It is presented with Kristian Lilholt’s music and inspired by Carsten Frank’s paintings and poets.