The Viking Market by the Jelling Barrows

The Viking Market at the Jelling Mounds features a wide range of inspiring craft workshops, market stalls and Viking horse riding shows. So come and try out your skills as a smithy, baker, archer, or Viking warrior! Watch the Viking Moot in session where conflicts and skirmishes are resolved through debate. And sail on Fårup Lake in the reconstructed Viking ship, Jelling Orm.  

The Viking Market is hosted every year during the weekend of week 27, by the Royal Barrows in Jelling, and has become a very popular event, not least due to its proximity to the Viking Age Jelling Monuments, which enjoy UNESCO heritage patronage. The Jelling Rune Stones feature the oldest known inscriptions that bear witness to Denmark as a nation. And Jelling is where King Harald Bluetooth introduced Christianity to Denmark and laid his father, Gorm the Old, to rest.  

The Viking Market in Jelling has all the trappings of a Viking heritage festival – from crafts and trade to Viking horse riding shows with swashbuckling Vikings and real Viking Age horses. There is a Viking themed church service at Jelling Church. And naturally, all participants are clad in period costumes. You can enjoy food and drinks at the Viking Long House. 

The heritage market is located on the lawns between the Jelling Church, the Grave Mounds and the Rune Stones, and the experience centre, Kongernes Jelling - home of the Viking King’s.

Opening hours

08/07/2017 - 09/07/2017 Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 16:00



50.00 DKK



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