Vikings in Denmark

Viking attractions in Denmark

Denmark is the spiritual and historical home of the Vikings. Once feared across Europe for their raiding and pillaging, today's Vikings are a peaceful bunch who have traded in their longships for bicycles. Get a taste of the old Viking culture and way of life in Denmark, where you will find several ancient Viking attractions and traces of Viking royalty. 

From rune stones and monuments to fortresses and genuine Viking boats, no place in the world has as much Viking heritage as Denmark.

Facts about the Danish Vikings

The Viking age started in 793 and lasted until 1066, a few decades after King Canute ended his Anglo-Scandinavian ruling. The Vikings come from Scandinavia, with Denmark being one the most pivotal countries and a place where you will see that the Vikings have truly made their mark in history. 


No matter where you go in Denmark, you are not far from Viking history. Denmark is scattered with hundreds of Viking attractions, ranging from burial sites and fortresses to indoor and outdoor museums. 

How was the everyday life of the Vikings? What are their stories and legends? And where are their traces today? Read all about this unique era of Danish history. 

Go sailing on a real Viking ship from Roskilde, learn a trick or two from a Viking in combat at the Viking fortress Trelleborg and you may even bump into legendary hero Beowulf in the Land of Legends in Lejre.

The National museum is hosting a major exhibition on Vikings in 2013. The exhibition focuses on the core period of the Viking Age, from the late 8th century to the early 11th century. For the first time ever the largest Viking ship ever found is put on display.

The merciless ancient Danes that still strike fear into the hearts of people around the world.

Ribe is Scandinavia's oldest town with a Viking history that can be traced back to around 710 AD. Today the town houses several indoor and outdoor Viking exhibitions and a holiday resort. Come to Ribe and have a go at being a Viking for a day!

Aalborg and the surrounding area is packed with Viking heritage, Viking sites and Viking experiences. From burial sites and reconstructed dwelling sto museums, Aalborg is a great destination for the Viking enthusiast.

The western part of Sealand is packed with Viking experiences. The area has great outdoor attractions with genuine Viking heritage, including a Viking-age fortress and the beautiful Åmosen Nature Reserve.