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8700, Horsens



8700, Horsens

Bronze. Given in 1971 by the Privatbank on the occasion of the bank´s 100 year anniversary....


8700, Horsens

Fountain, 1986, granite. Donated by the charitable trust set up by Barrister Danjelsen and his wife for the beautification og Horsens and its surroundings....


8700, Horsens

Granite and iron. Bought in 1981 by Horsens cemeteries....


8700, Horsens

Set up in 1983 on the occasion of Hoki´s 50 year anniversary....

Klostermølle Campsite

8660, Skanderborg

Klostermølle tent camping area

The tent camping area is located by Kløstermølle nature centre, just by the Gudenå stream and very close to Mossø (Moss Lake). The vantage point Sukkertoppen (the Sugar...

Tønballe forestJust west of Tønballe Nature Centre is a shelter area in the forest. There you will find a fire ring, in one of the nature centre’s wings you can get water and use the toilets...

© VisitHorsens

Shelters at Egebjerg Lake...

Shelterplads ved Lundum

8700, Horsens

Shelter LundumShelter located by the nature trail Horsens-Silkeborg near the town of Lundum. The trail is divided into two sides – one with gravel for riders and one with asphalt for those w...

Teltplads Brigsted

8700, Horsens

Shelter near Brigsted

Large shelter area close to Horsens Fjord by the ford leading to the reservation Vorsø. About 1.6 kilometres from the official Danish bicycling route no. 5. The area is located ...

Teltplads ved Brædstrup

8740, Brædstrup

Tent site at Brædstrup

Teltplads Brædstrup...

Tent site west of Brædstrup


Camp site Boller

8700, Horsens

The camp site is a former sports field bounded by hedges. It is situated opposite Boller Slot, which is now an old people's home and a park with a botanical collection.

Teltpladsen Boller

Tolstrup, Gedved
Camping in a tent on a lawn or meadow near a farm.

Follows rules laid down by "De Frie Fugle" (The free birds) which means for campers on foot, bicycle, or horse only.
Fixed price f...

Bjerre forest

8700, Horsens

The large Bjerre forest is located in a very hilly landscape. On the opposite side of the road you will find the pond Eleverdammen [Elf pond] and the nature forest. If you follow the marked trail you ...

© Lars Juul

The Island Endelave

8700, Horsens

The Island Endelave lies as a little gem in the ocean, just off Horsens Fjord.

The scenery on the island is very diverse, and varies from cultured areas at the centre of the island, to large protecte...

The Island Endelave, near Horsens , © Lene Kamilla Hansen

The tip of the Island, Endelave approx 12+ km.
Take a bike ride around the island and enjoy the unspoiled nature. Here are hardly any hills to climb, and you will find lovely beaches and rich plant l...

© VD

Hansted Skov

8700, Horsens

Hansted Forest

Hansted Skov...


8700, Horsens

Hjarnø Island

Hjarnø Island is located by the mouth of Horsens Fjord, close to the charming harbour Snaptun. You can access the island via the ferry “Hjarnø”, which 25 times a day sails the 5 minute...

Husodde Beach

8700, Horsens

Husodde beach

On the northern side of Horsens Fjord is Husodde Beach, which is a nice and wheelchair accessible bathing beach. Every summer, a wooden pier is put at the beach. The beach is a popular ...


Klostermølle  (monastery mill) is situated where the Gudenå runs into Lake Mossø. It is a large group of buildings, previously housing a paper mill. In medieval times there was a Benedictine monastery...



8660, Skanderborg

Mossø (Moss Lake)

Compared to Danish standards, the sea high-land is of an extraordinaire dimension. The area is characterised by hills and valleys created during the last glacial period. The eroded ...

Nature Centre Skovgård

8700, Horsens

Nature Centre Skovgård is owned by Horsens Kommune. Is bordered by Hansted Wood and the waterworks lake.

Nature Centre Skovgård ...

The nature trail between Horsens and Silkeborg aprox. 52 km.

The nature trail along the old Bryrup railway takes you through the beautiful and hilly sea high-land. The trail’s path is split into two...

Naturstien Søvind

8700, Horsens

The nature trail to Søvind

The beautiful nature trail from Husodde to Søvind, partly runs along the old railway tracks from Silkeborg. Along the trail, there are several opportunities to enjoy your l...


8700, Horsens


Nørrestrand is a wildlife refuge and reservation. More than half of the bird species in Denmark have been seen by Nørrestrand. It is a fresh water sea, which is connected with Horsens Fjo...

The area Boller and Bjerrelide covers a large area and offers many varied natural experiences.

Boller Skov – Boller forest is situated near Boller Castle and Horsens Fjord. Beautiful beechwood grow a...

Sukkertoppen by Mossø

8660, Skanderborg

A challenging and unbelievably beautiful hiking trail, which winds its way through heath and blueberry bushes and up the steep hill Sukkertoppen, which means "the sugar loaf" in Danish. From the top, ...

The island Vorsø

8700, Horsens

The island Vorsø is a reservation protected by the Danish Department of the Environment. Originally, the island was purchased by the zoologist Herluf Winge, who wanted to create a sanctuary for flora ...

King Erik Menved's Castle

In Bygholm park the remains of King Erik Menved’s castle can be found, on a hill called "Slangebjerg" [The Snake Hill]. The castle was constructed in 1313 and used as resid...

The passage grave ist about 5000 years old and dates back to the Neolithic. You can see the burial chamber, if you bring a torch. Two stones weighing approx. 20 tons form the roof. The archaeological ...

Vitus Berings Park

8700, Horsens

The Vitus Bering park

On the way from Horsens railway station to the city centre you pass the Vitus Bering park. The park is especially known for its large, old rhododendron shrubs. It is an amassing...

A break away in a wonderful locationThe vaulted ceiling, the pens and the troughs bear witness to quite a different past when the "Møllegården på Alrø" café and restaurant opens its doors to...

© Lone Harboe

Gallery Harboe

8300, Odder

Lone Harboe possesses a natural talent that has made it possible for her to be full-time artist since 1990. Her art she is characterized as abstract, figurative and she paints preferably with acrylic ...

© Lone Harboe

In 2012 Lone Harboe opened a café and gallery in the old courthouse in the middle of Odder. In charming and newly renovated rooms she welcomes art lovers and coffee thirsty souls alike.

The café ser...

Sofi Farmshop

8660, Skanderborg

The shop 
When you enter the cosy shop, you will meet old mixed with new. The old tables, cabinets, shelves and wooden apple boxes are decorated with modern Christmas decorations, jewellery, blankets,...

Elite Camp Vestbirk

8752, Østbirk

In a scenic landscape south of Silkeborg and beautifully surrounded by water on three sides, lies the campsite Elite Camp Vestbirk.  

This cosy campsite is situated on a “peninsula” between two lakes...

Søndergade, Horsens, © Katrine Thorulf

City Horsens

8700, Horsens

City Horsens is the professional organisation for the city's retail businesses. More than 300 members, from the city's shops, restaurants, liberal businesses and cultural institutions, work together t...

Café Dollys Horsens

Dollys - Café Dolly

8700, Horsens

Café Dolly is a family run restaurant, café and bar, which since 1993, has made it its mission to cook traditional Danish food from scratch. At Café Dolly, good local ingredients take centre stage, an...

Cafe Gran

Café GRaN

8700, Horsens

The concept café in Horsens!

We give special treatment to both our guests and the food. We only use fresh ingredients that in combination with our concepts “Your Brunch” and “Sharing Food” will give ...

Horsens and Friends

Horsens & Friends

8700, Horsens

Horsens & Friends is a sponsors club, which, without economical goals, organises events, culture - and movie events, for the joy of the present and future citizens of Horsens.
The sponsors club Horse...

B&B Toften, Brædstrup, Horsens, © B&B Toften

B&B Toften

8740, Brædstrup

In scenic surroundings in Sdr. Vissing town centre, you can book your overnight stay in one of B&B Toften’s nice, spacious apartments. There are 7 rooms, all fully equipped with a kitchenette, private...

In a quiet neighbourhood close to Horsens city centre, is Lisbeth Jørgensens cosy little bed and breakfast. With only 500m to the nearest bowling alleys, shopping and restaurants, it is conveniently c...

© Sakura Running Sushi

Sakura Running Sushi

8700, Horsens

Fresh, beautiful meals and especially tasty!

You will find us in the heart of Horsens, at the town square, where we welcome you with 60 seats and 28 meters rolling buffet with sushi, salads, fruits, ...

Café Golfert, Horsens Golf Club, © Café Golfert

Always a tasty experience at Cafe Golfert

When the hunger pangs hit after a day on the Greene at Horsens Golf Club, set the golf clubs aside for a while and enjoy a bite to eat at Café Golfert.


Gran Bar

Gran Bar

8700, Horsens

At Gran Bar, an offshoot of Café GRaN, we would like to spoil you with delicious coffee, tapas, a large selection of wine and freshly squeezed juice, sandwiches, cakes and delicious cocktails....

© Butik Sofi

SOFI - Shop

8660, Skanderborg

When you step into the cozy shop in the small village Dørup, you meet old mixed with new.

The old tables, cabinets, bookcases and wooden apple boxes are decorated with modern Christmas decorations,...

Blindes Arbejde Horsens, © Blindes Arbejde

Blind work - shop

8700, Horsens

Blindes Arbejde is a sheltered workshop, where the blind and visually impared, manufacture hand made brushes and brooms, woven goods, and braided baskets and chair seats.
In Horsens, the manufactured...

© Det Lille Røgeri

Smoked fish and specialties in store

In the shop, Det Lille Røgeri, you can buy carefully selected foods, made from scratch with no fillers or additives. Make you choice between smoked salmon or trou...

Gallery Gasværk

8700, Horsens

Gallery Gasværk is an art gallery situated in a historical building, which was originally a part of Horsens Gasworks, and home to some very large steam generators.  The building is now owned by Denmar...


Showing 251 - 300 of 389 entries