Travel Green in Denmark

A green vibe flows through every corner of Copenhagen, whether you are looking to eat, drink, shop or sleep the city has an eco-friendly option for you. According to the city’s climate strategy Copenhagen is to be the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. Take a dip in the Harbour or have a green smoothie - there is a lot to do. All of Denmark boasts more bikes than cars and the best way to explore it is by bike.  Try The Margurite Route, a scenic route that passes through spectacular countryside

Copenhagen, Green Travel, Sustainability

Green Copenhagen

See everything from ground-breaking sustainable architecture to relaxing green spaces in this green Scandinavian capital!

Copenhagen organic restaurants

Organic restaurants in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a green city and that also reflects in the restaurants. Whether you are into Italian, Nordic cuisine or just a Danish hot dog you have the option of treating yourself with an organic option.

Green denmark active holiday

Active Green Holiday

In Denmark, you will find open spaces, clean seas and limitless fresh air and miles of broad, white, sandy beaches with EU Blue Environmental flags.

Sea, Activities in Denmark

Top seaside activities in Denmark

4500 miles of wide, sandy beaches cover Denmark. This means that the Danes are addicted to being near the sea to take a stroll, do water activities and enjoy the refreshing air.

Cycling Denmark

10 reasons to cycle in Denmark

There are a bunch of reasons why you should cycle in Denmark. Here are the top 10. 

Farm holiday

Stay on a farm

Farm holidays are very popular, family-friendly and a chance to learn something new while keeping close to nature.

Couple camping in Denmark

Go camping in Denmark

See our guide to camping in Denmark - find a campsite and see tips and links to your camping holiday in Denmark 

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