Danish beach life

Beautiful beaches

Where two seas meet

At The Branch (Grenen), a sand spit and Denmark's northernmost point, the North Sea and Kattegat meet. You can literally stand with a leg in both seas. The seas have different densities so do not mix, producing an amazing effect – a distinct line where the waters meet, stretching from Denmark’s tip out into the sea.

Imagine Denmark

Holidays and Hans Christian Andersen

Imagine the Vikings

The Vikings are coming...

Learn more about the life of the Vikings, jump aboard the Viking Ship Helge Ask for a raid, meet the legendary hero Beowulf himself and learn a trick or two from a Viking in battle. Various workshops for both the young and those young at heart offer the opportunity to personally try the skills of the Viking craftsmen like coining money, the art of jewellery-making or why not get your very first Viking tattoo?