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You might not believe it but there is far more to Denmark’s Viking heritage than looting, rampaging and bloodshed. The Vikings were also globalists and great tradesmen, sailing their long ships and riverboats as far as Russia, Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), Greenland and Canada.

Holger Danske, Helsingør

Kronborg- Hamlet's home

West Jutland

A blustery beauty

The sea is rougher here than in other parts of Denmark, making these beaches excellent water sports areas. If you’re looking for more child-friendly and family areas for swimming, try the coastal area around Limfjord.



Sejerø is a beautiful and peaceful island, with undulating landscape and many small swimming beaches. Visit the old church, with its fine fresco paintings, or any of the many burial mounds on the island. You can reach the island by ferry from Havnsø.

Mols Bjerge National Park

Spectacular views of the national park

Ring Riding Festival

The ruined castle

Koldinghus Castle Ruin is a treat in itself, but it also houses some interesting museums, including one dedicated to Danish silver. Just outside Kolding, you’ll find the Trapholt museum, where you can enjoy contemporary art, handicrafts and design.

The Branch (Grenen)

Where two seas meet