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Viking events

Denmark is famous around the world as a proud Viking land. There are many places in the country where you can not only visit Viking ruins and monuments, but also take part in thrilling Viking events and re-enactments. So grab a helment and prepare for battle!

 Jelling is located in East Jutland and boasts some of Europe’s most prominent Viking Age monuments, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Jelling is a perfect place to learn about Viking royalty and Viking life.

The Vikings Return 

At its heart and straddling the banks of Denmark’s longest river - Gudenåen, Silkeborg city offers a wonderful

A vibrant cosmopolitan city perched on the edge of the glistening Limfjord, Aalborg’s Viking history and seafaring beginnings are expertly explored at

The official happiness report

With historic ‘routes’ dating back to the 12th Century, Denmark’s ‘kro’ were established on a decree from King Erik Klipping who ordered that inns be placed along the so-called ’Kings Highway’ as staging posts to allow weary travellers to stretch their legs and enjoy a hearty meal.


The perfect location


Aalborg: Denmark's laid-back city

IMAGINATION – Discover the Danish Spirit

Rocks on Bornholm
  1. Visit Bornholm’s four impressive round churches
Lesoe Salt

Go hiking, biking or horseback riding in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge

Explore Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen

Læsø salt
  1. Absorb wonderful art, architecture and sea views at Louisiana, Denmark’s most popular modern art gallery
  2. Follow Shakespeare’s Hamlet to it setting, Kronborg Castle
  1. Stride out on Denmark’s widest beach on the holiday island of Rømø
  2. See history come alive at the annual ring riding festival in Sønderborg, a medieval jousting sport enjoying a revival
Esbjerg's Men at Sea at sunset

Feel the power of the North Sea

  1. Marvel at Roskilde Cathedral, the dramatic resting place of Danish kings and queens

Marguerite Route facts


Showing 40 from 76 marked with "History"