The Marguerite Route

The marguerite route is easy to follow.

Rubjerg Knude, Lighthouse in Northern Denmark

North Jutland

Visit North Jutland to watch the fascinating view of two seas colliding and walk in the sanddunes that dominate the coastline.

South Jutland

The Marguerite route takes you through the historical sights, open landscapes and charming villages of South Jutland.

Aarhus, Self drive in Denmark

East Jutland

Discover East Jutland's picturesque landscape and beautiful nature.

Møn and Lolland-Falster

Moen's Klint, to the south of Zealand, is one of Denmark's most beautiful nature experiences. 

Egeskov Castle on Funen in Denmark, Denmark


Experience a bygone era by taking the Marguerite route past the renaissance castles and idyllic landscape of Funen.  

Holmsland Klit in Denmark, Self drive in Denmark

West Jutland

If looking for a holiday in a wild outdoors of dunes, heathlands and wind-blown beaches under open sky, West Jutland is for you. 

Frederiksborg slot in Denmark


Renaissance castles in the north and amazing cliffs in the south - all within close range of Copenhagen.

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Just follow the signs...

The marguerite route is easy to follow. The route is not the fastest, but it is the most picturesque in Denmark. Follow the signs by the roadside to stop by the best attractions Denmark has to offer.