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Nordic Film Festival in London 2014

It is the third edition of the festival, presenting some of the freshest and most vibrant filmmaking talent from the Nordic region.

The Legacy. DR/ Photo: Martin Lehmann

What is The Legacy all about?

Cycling in Nyhavn

"The mix of contemporary and historic museums and cultural buildings, the waterways, great shopping and wonderful restaurants and cafés have provided the perfect mix for us for a few days away.

Jysk competition 2014

Denmark's long summer nights await you

The Danish summer time is truly amazing. With white sandy beaches, cosy villages and everything within easy reach, Denmark is an ideal place for a stress-free, hassle-free summer holiday with family or friends.

Novasol holiday cottages

Want to win a free week in a Novasol holiday cottage?

Nyhavn in Copenhagen

In the middle of the 20th century, Dane Ole Kirk Christiansen invented what would eventually become the world's most popular toy: LEGO®.

Canute the Great (995-1035) is one of the most famous Danish Viking Kings, reigning his great Anglo-Scandinavian kingdom of England (1016-1034), Denmark (1018-1034), Norway (1028-1034) and

Fall in Aarhus

The cities of Denmark are ready to welcome you for a true autumn in Denmark experience. Celebrate autumn in Denmark's second city Aarhus, Denmark's oldest town Ribe, in Royal North Sealand or at the sea side in Hirtshals, Hvide Sande or Top of Denmark.

Efterårsferie i Danmark i et feriecenter

A holiday centre in Denmark is almost like a combination of hotel and cottage. You have your own place with bathing and kitchen facilities but there is also a reception, restaurants and a wealth of activity options.

When the British contestants plunge into the task of recreating parts of the Big Cake Table from South Jutland they are also diving into Danish culinary history.


A cultural and historical hotspot

Christmas shopping in Aarhus

Shopping in Denmark

Discover atmospheric streets and get up close to local culture in Denmark's four fantastic city break destinations. In Aarhus and Aalborg, attractions and natural areas are within walking distance, making both cities easy to get to know on a short break.

Viking Yule Feast

A toast with the gods

The Viking ships in Roskilde

The Viking Ships

In the Viking age, the easiest way of transportation was by ship and the contact between one end of Denmark to the other was only made possible by ship. The Viking ships also allowed for both trade and war to be expanded to for instance England.

The Viking king's ship

The Viking and his ship

Around the year 900 a rich king died in Denmark. His ship was then towed on land and filled with all his most valued belongings and things that he needed for his last journey to the underworld.

Viking fortress in Trelleborg

Viking Castles

In the late 1000th century the Viking king Harald Bluetooth unified and rearmed Denmark. As a part of this armament he constructed circular castles around the country, their likes never seen anywhere else in the world.

Burial ground at Lindholm Høje

The Viking's last journey

In the Viking age it was tradition to burn the dead. This might seem weird but one explanation is given by the traveler Ibn Fadlan after experiencing the burial of a Viking chief.


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