Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and authentic charm of Denmark's seaside hotels, dotted around Denmark's beautiful coast. Many of Denmark's seaside hotels (badehoteller) have top-of-the-range spa and wellness facilities.

It's easy to feel fabulous in Denmark! Around Denmark's more than 7,000km of coast you'll find traditional coastal spa hotels (Badehoteller) where quaint decor and old Danish charm meet modern wellness facilities.

A vibrant cosmopolitan city perched on the edge of the glistening Limfjord, Aalborg’s Viking history and seafaring beginnings are expertly explored at

With historic ‘routes’ dating back to the 12th Century, Denmark’s ‘kro’ were established on a decree from King Erik Klipping who ordered that inns be placed along the so-called ’Kings Highway’ as staging posts to allow weary travellers to stretch their legs and enjoy a hearty meal.



Sejerø is a beautiful and peaceful island, with undulating landscape and many small swimming beaches. Visit the old church, with its fine fresco paintings, or any of the many burial mounds on the island. You can reach the island by ferry from Havnsø.


Samsø (Samsoe)