The characteristic yellow houses in Skagen
The characteristic yellow houses in Skagen

Holiday in Skagen

Travel to the very tip of Denmark and you will find the idyllic village of Skagen. This 700 year old fishing village not only oozes Danish 'hygge', but with its rich cultural and culinary history Skagen offers a perfect atmosphere for both contemplation and relaxation. Outside the city limits, the wild nature is lined up with great adventures.


The colliding seas at Grenen

A few hundred metres north of Skagen lies Grenen, where the two seas Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. This natural wonder of colliding seas, which you can only experience a few places in the world, creates a unique spectacle and allows you to get close to a natural force so strong that bathing actually is forbidden at Grenen. However, do feel free to dip your toes on shallow waters where the seas join. There are those, who do swim freely around Grenen: the seals, who are now so accustomed to tourists that they have no problem in resting amongst them.

Strand, Skagen

Miles of beaches

If you wish to go for a swim or simply soak in the sun as you relax with a good read, Skagen is surrounded by a number of great beaches. The wide sandy beaches and beautiful dunes almost beg for you to the Danish summer or to go for a brisk walk during off-peak season.

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Where is Skagen?

Getting to Skagen

Norwegian offers direct flights two days a week from Gatwick to Aalborg in under two hours with return flights from £75/person. Skagen can be reached by car in just over an hour or by train in under two hours.

Rubjerg Knude, Lighthouse in Northern Denmark

North Jutland

Visit North Jutland to watch the fascinating view of two seas colliding and walk in the sanddunes that dominate the coastline.