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Fredensborg Castle and Park
An area surrounded by water and dotted with lakes and forests, North Zealand is a great area for a day out or a few days exploring the region's natural offerings.

Life's a beach

Beach life is an important part of North Zealand culture and there are different types of beach to tempt you. The North Coast is lined in places with steep cliffs, especially near Vejby and Gilbjerg Head, Zealand's northernmost point. 

The Gilberg trail runs along the top of the cliff and here you can walk with beautiful views across the Kattegat to Sweden. Feel the force of the Kattegat at Vejby Beach, where coastal defences try in vain to hold back the dynamic force of the sea.

Lakes and woodland

Inland North Zealand is covered with expansive woodland areas waiting to be explored, such as The Troll Forest (Troldeskoven) at Tisvilde Hegn. You can also walk in the beautiful heather-covered Tibirke Hills (Tibirke Bakker) and around Arresø, Denmark's largest lake. 

Grib Forest (Gribskov) is one of Denmark's largest forested areas, with many peaceful hiking trails and maps to accompany them. Try the trail crossing the eastern part of the forest, which takes you from Nøddebo to the shores of Lake Esrum, Denmark’s second largest and home to the impressive Fredensborg Castle. 


At the far northwest of North Zealand, you can surround yourself in water on the Halnæs peninsula. Look out over incredible views of the Kattegat, Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord. During the summer, you can catch the small ferry from Sølager to Kulhuse. From there, it is only a short distance to Jægerspris Forest (Jægerspris Nordsko), with ancient oak trees of around 1000 years old.

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