Imagine the Vikings [1]

Come and meet real Danish Vikings when they take over St Katharine Docks in London! See a sixty-foot Viking ship, docked at IMAGINATION for the entire three weeks. The Vikings will invade from 6 – 8 August, during which time you can take part in Viking activities, see Viking battles, forage for Viking coins and much more!

The Vikings are coming...

Learn more about the life of the Vikings, jump aboard the Viking Ship Helge Ask for a raid, meet the legendary hero Beowulf himself and learn a trick or two from a Viking in battle. Various workshops for both the young and those young at heart offer the opportunity to personally try the skills of the Viking craftsmen like coining money, the art of jewellery-making or why not get your very first Viking tattoo?

Are you brave enough to meet a Viking?

Denmark is steeped in a rich and diverse history, just waiting to be discovered and you can find your own Viking treasures at IMAGINATION. Come onboard an authentic Viking long boat, wear Viking clothes and have your picture taken with a true Danish Viking!

Viking events at IMAGINATION

The impressive legacy of Denmark’s long past awaits you, free of admission. For children, there are many interactive exhibits such as face-painting, sword fighting and lots more. So step back in time and venture into historical Denmark. Come join us at IMAGINATION and get close to Danish Vikings and a nation with thousands of years of history.

Viking history

You might not believe it, but there is far more to Denmark’s Viking heritage than looting, rampaging and bloodshed! The Vikings were also globalists and great tradesmen, sailing their long ships and riverboats as far as Russia, Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), Greenland and Canada.  The history of the Vikings is really amazing!