Imagine Danish Food [1]

Looking for a food experience beyond ordinary? An unforgettable sensory adventure is waiting for you at our focus on the best of the Danish kitchen, from the 27 - 29 July. Nordic Food is on everyone’s lips and now you have the chance to spoil your inner gourmand by visiting IMAGINATION. Enjoy!

Danish cuisine

If you like food, you’ll love Denmark. The country is renowned for its fantastic, innovative cuisine. It offers everything from simple and delicious open-faced sandwiches to Michelin-starred restaurants and proud, world-class chefs. Copenhagen also happens to be home to the world’s best restaurant, noma.

New Nordic food

Slow food over fast food, with green solutions and the use of local produce over food shipped from countries halfway around the world - that’s the essence of New Nordic cuisine, a sustainable, healthy and delicious new trend that has taken Scandinavia by storm. It’s about experimenting and presenting exciting new ways of combining traditional ingredients.

IMAGINATION for foodies

Experience an extensive display of all that Nordic cuisine has to offer at our Danish food focus at St Katharine Docks. At IMAGINATION, a variety of delicious New Nordic food tastings will be available for free throughout the three weeks.

Danish Crown

Traditional Danish food has recently enjoyed a revival. Eat like a Dane at the Danish Crown hotdog stand at IMAGINATION and get a taste of a popular Danish tradition. Discover the creativity and imagination of Danish chefs at The Danish Crown show, where this famous Danish company sponsors chefs to entertain and intrigue your taste buds through a variety of cooking events.

Quench your thirst!

At Dickens Inn, one of the Danes’ favourite brands will be on tap, quenching your thirst for a cold beer during the hot summer days at the courtyard. Yes, you guessed it – it’s Carlsberg!!