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© Tusaagaard put and take

Tusaagaard Put and Take

7470, Karup J

Tusaagaard Put & Take is situated in the beautiful Karup river valley.

Four Put & Take lakes in a 16.000 sqm big area. 
There are four different lakes in the beautiful Karup river vally, with fish ...

Sydthy Fiskeland

7755, Bedsted Thy

Sydthy Fishing Land is situated in a very special nature area. Here are 2 lakes, each with unique fishing of pikes, and you can use both lakes without extra payment. The place is perfect for the entir...

Fishing possibilities from the beach by Lyngby.


Angling waters: Agger

7770, Vestervig

Fine fishing possibilities at the piers ans stone spits, by Agger Beach and Agger Tange.


Vigsoe Holiday Centre

7730, Hanstholm - Vigsø BugtVacation by the North Sea!!Large tropical waterpark with chute, bubble bath, solarium, fitness centre, wellness-section and café.Free access to fitne...

Goodhumoured, placid and well-trained horses and ponies.Ridning on the grounds or in nature - with or without guide.Riding to Ørum or Flade Sø (lakes), where you can swim wi...

Ballerum Angling Lakes

7700, Thisted

The lake is situated at Tangrimmen 14, Ballerum.
200.000 m2 water, dams.
Forest  and nature area.
Open from 8 am until sunset.

Price per fishing rod:
Only DKK 150.00, for 8 hours.

Trouts (maximum 10...

© Det Gule Rev

M/S Mølboen

7730, Hanstholm

Fishing trips to the Yellow Reef.

M/S Mølboen sails daily from Hanstholm Harbour, from mid March to mid October, from 06:00 - 17:00.

M / S Mølboen is a modern, fast and robust tour boat, built in fi...

Nørhå Fisk Park

7752, Snedsted

A pearl of a fishing park, situated in unique and beautiful nature, just on the edge of Thy National Park, with 4.000 sqm fishing water. We rae open from sunrise to sunset. Rainbow trouts of 1 to 6 ki...


At Thy GoKart & Paintball we have got a lot of exciting activities, perfect for the whole family, for stagnights, class celebrations, staff party outings...

Recently modernised swimming centre with up-to-date facilities.

Whether you want to swim, play, relax, pamper yourself, exercise, participate in one of our teams... then Thy Hall Swimming Centre is j...

Snedsted Swimming Hall

7752, Snedsted

Snedsted Hall offers swimming, a gym and many sports activities. We have a very child-friendly environment and a nice cafeteria....

The Klitmøller coast is a area with a lot of current, with possibilities to catch flatfish, macherel and perch....

In Snedsted Sports Hall, we have a large and well-functioning gym with up-to-date, modern exercise equipment. The first hour is free - and we provide an instructor!

Entry to the gym also includes fre...

Vorupør Beach & Pier

7700, Thisted

Vorupør is the largest and liveliest of the resort beaches in Thy. The beach is visited by thousands of people each summer. It is also the landing place for fishing boats. Here, you can still see how ...

Untraditional and exciting playground with toys and playing tools made of wood. There is shelter, a fireplace, wood and a zip-wire, for the "adrenalin kick" kids... and adults!...

© Det Gule Rev

M/S Bonito

7730, Hanstholm

M/S BONITO is a converted Swedish coast guard vessel, that sails daytrips from Hanstholm 06.00 - 17.00, every day, to the "Yellow Reef" from mid-March to mid-October.

Possibility to rent the entire ...

9-hole Pay & Play nature golf course located amongst heather and tall trees.

Both beginners and experienced players can easily be challenged here.

Green Fee is purchased in the reception or restaur...

Skjoldborg Fishing Lake

7700, Thisted

A beautifully situated lake, about 5500 m2, just off the A11, 4 kilometre to the south of Thisted. The lake is open daily from 6 am. to sunset. Trout and eel from 800 g - 4 kilo are put into the lake ...

© Niels Møller

Midtthy Fishing Park

7752, Snedsted

The size of the lake is 3000 square metres. It contains trouts from 500 - 6000 grams.
In connection with the lake you will find a holiday appartment.

Prices for entrance and fishing licences:

3 hour...

An exciting nature playground, set in the woods, near Tved church, with toys and tools made of wood. There is also an area for a camp fire, and there's wood, too....

An exciting nature playground with toys and playing tools made of wood....

© Rederi Gule Rev

M/S Yellow Reef

7730, Hanstholm

M/S Yellow Reef sails from Hanstholm Harbour to the "Yellow Reef", daily from 06:00 - 17:00

M/S Yellow Reef is a former Swedish customs cruiser, purchased and remodeled in 1999.

Possibility to rent ...

Visit a Farm

7752, Snedsted

Visit a farm ...


* Heard the pigs smack?
* Been on a treasure hunt?
* Played farmer for a day?
* Cuddled with a baby rabbit?
* Ridden a pony?
* Ever come face to face with the big bull...

Ejsing Soccer Golf

7830, Vinderup

Company outings, birthday parties, class events, bachelor parties, girl trips, etc. - A super game for all ages – if you can kick a ball, you can join. The game is in its simplicity that you have to p...

Open-air swimming pool at Nr. Søby Friluftsbad. ...

Ice Rink in Skive

7800, Skive

Skive ice rink is situated centrally at Posthustorvet. Here children of ALL ages can enjoy the fun of skating. Skate rental is open every day from 10am to 6pm. Price for renting a pair of skates: DKK ...

Vile Put and Take

7870, Roslev

Daily from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Prices: Adults: 2 hours DKK 70. 3 hours DKK 80. 6 hours DKK 135. Children's discount.


© Kim Skyldahl Sørensen

Durup Swimming baths

7870, Roslev

Durup Swimming baths is an indoor swimming pool, sauna and multiple play activities for children. For more information on opening hours and prices:

© Gert Laursen

Sculptures in Skive

7800, Skive

The latest initiative is the 57 new sculptures placed in the centre of Skive:
modern runic, stonescurious monkeys, beautiful trees with luminous glass leaves, funny poufs in many colours and patterns...

If you prefer to stay in the same hotel every night, our Star Route is the perfect choice for you. You can stay for two to four nights and cycle some or all of the five different routes in and outside...

© Tommy Andersen

Lundbro Put and Take

7800, Skive

Lundbro Put & Take is situated in a beautiful nature area close to Skive and only 10 minutes’ walk from the river Karup Å. No catch limits and we guarantee that there are always at least 250 kilos fis...

© Anders Heegaard

The aqua dome will be closed for restoration for approx. 7 months, from week 14 to the 3th. January 2015. The fitness centre will be open.
- 30 deg...

© Flemming Andersen

SKIVE TROTTING - "SKIVE TRAV" - IS NATIONALLY KNOWN FOR ITS MANY CLASS TROTTERS....  The entire family can enjoy an unforgettable experience together with many wonderful horses. The children can enjoy...

Shellfish Festival - Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

Shellfish tidbits, booths and music at the harbour in Nykøbing....

© morsø turistbureau

From Mors to Skagen

7900, Nykøbing M

From Mors towards Skagen - is a bicycle tour beyond the sea and the fjord. The Limfjord - the North Sea - the Kattegat, you get it all and you will have time to live and experience.

The Limfjord, th...

Enjoy the impressive scenery as "Bertha K” takes you around the island. You’ll experience how the beautiful scenery changes dramatically from North to South.

The lunch break will be held at the inn i...

© morsø turistbureau

In no less than 4 times you will cross the Limfiord on your way around Jutland’s landscape where it is most beautiful.

You will start and finish at the Limfjord island of Mors and bike through Sallin...

Kystruten på Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

Translation follows....

Stald Plus

8723, Løsning

Stald Plus - Humans and horsesSpec.: "Harmony between mand and horse" - "Quality in your life" - "Horse's welfare." Special considerations and care, safe environment, sessions individual ada...

Uldum Kær - angling

7171, Uldum

Excellent angling possibilities.

Angling for Prech, pike and river trout.

Here you will find a map of the area

Fishing licenses can be purchased here...

© Form & Fritid

Form & Fritid Nørre Nebel

6830, Nørre Nebel

"If you missed it - we´ve got it?" - Have a svimm, rent the hall for handball, football, tennis, volley, basket or join the "Motionscenter" to get more fit, Spinning? After that you can use our sun-be...

Brittom - rent it all

6830, Nørre Nebel

Brittom has an Internet-cafe, so it is now possible to surf on the Internet or send e-mails to friends and family.We are situated in Houstrup, Varde....

© Dayz - Seawest

Dayz SeaWest

6830, Nørre Nebel

Situated in the middle of the wonderful nature of western Jutland between Nr. Nebel and Nymindegab - not far from the North Sea - you will find SeaWest Nymindegab, a unique holiday resort that was bui...

Ølgod Svømmehal

6870, Ølgod

Ølgod Svømmehal: The outdoor swimmbath is open from June15th - Sept. 15th....

Adventure Park

6950, Ringkøbing

Adventure Park is adventure and activities for the whole family all year round.

In the middle of the Westjutlandic nature between Ringkøbing and Søndervig, you find Denmark’s most beautiful Adventure...

Søndervig Badeland

6950, Ringkøbing

Water games for the entire family. In connection with Danland Feriecenter you find a water world. In the exercise pool you can swim while the children are playing in the big pool. Søndervig Badeland h...

Søndervig Put and Take

6950, Ringkøbing

Put & Take only 2 km south of Søndervig. Søndervig Put & Take Lake of 7.000 square metres is situated between sea and fjord. The area is wheelchair-friendly and you also find a building with t...

Tennis-courts in Hvide Sande

6960, Hvide Sande

From May to September Hvide Sande Tourist Office rents out outdoor tennis-courts.Price: DKK 75,00 per hour....

Lodbjerg Heath Trout lake

6950, Ringkøbing

Lodbjerg Heath Trout Lake lies in beautiful surroundings between the sea and the heath, a mile or two north of Søndervig. The Lake, which covers 15.000 square metres, is always stocked with lovely tro...


Showing 2101 - 2150 of 4279 entries