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© Destination Djursland

For walkers, cyclists, - no cars.
The camp lies between the road and the courtyard with shade and shelter. View of the Mols Mountains and Kalø Vig (slotsruinen). 3 km to Kalø slotsruin. 3 km to the pu...

© Tine Hinrichsen

Nature area
For walkers, cyclists, - no cars.
Note: Requires application. Fill out the application form
Tthere may only be switched on fire on an established bålsted. No access for ...

© Kirsten Semberg

Close to the sea. 
For walkers, cyclists, - no cars. 
The camp is close to the sea.

There is no access for guests with cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, caravans, scooters, mopeds.

contact 86356213


© Destination Djursland

The square is the very large groups of up to approx. 100 participants. The site provides with its approx. 79 meters in height, a breathtaking view of the exciting terræn.Pladsen get to from the highwa...

© Destination Djursland

Nature area For walkers, cyclists, - no cars There is no access for guests with cars, motorcycles, motorhomes. caravans, scooters, mopeds

© Destination Djursland

Nature area 
For walkers, cyclists, - no cars 
There is no access for guests with cars, motorcycles, motorhomes. caravans, scooters, mopeds 

Gl. Estrup Landbrugsmuseum 86483444

© Tine Hinrichsen

The camp lies between Gravlev and Hyllested north of Lake Stubbe. Small-inflammable madlavningsbål allowed, firewood can be gathered in the forest.

There is no access for guests with cars, motorcycl...

© Michael Ormstrup

For walkers, cyclists, - no cars
A beatyful area where the scouts are having their house with a murmur from a brooklet. 2 km to shoppingfacilities. Bikeroute nr. 14 goes through Hornslet. Call before ...

Nature area
For walkers, cyclists, - no cars.

Lawn at the village sports constructed as pitch. 4 km to the purchase of Richmond. 86371547

There is no access for guests with cars, motorcycles, campi...

"Udgravningen", JegindøThe site has trees and also some slopes and a small football place. A large 10 square m roofed table, a shelter of 20 square m, a handicap toilet and ...

Thyholm at Ungdomshøjskolen in Søndbjerg

The site is situated in the garden of the continuation high school. The grass ground among fruit bushes gives great shelter and wood and a grill is available....

Primitive site Egely

Primitive site in the woods. No drinking water. Access for dogs on leash. Area for horses.

Book online:

Do you have any quest...

The tent site is situated on a cleared spot in the forest. Difficult access - steep country. Means of transport has to be parked at the parking  space (50 m).

The site is situated 50 m from the water...

Hornet (Klosterheden)

Site with 3 shelters.
Online booking:

Handicap tracks, area in the wood (for dogs), primitive WC and a play ground mad of ma...

The site is a lawn next to a ceramic workshop (Bjerre Keramik) with a view to the meadow. Horses are allowed.

Further information

200 m from road 513 between Gudumbro (2.5 km)...

Remmerstrand (Toftum Bjerge)The site is an open area of grass above the cliff (stairs from the beach). The beach is sandy and the site is only 100 meters away.Park...

The site is situated at the outskirts of Plethøj Plantage. There is 1 shelter and place for bonfire.

Distance to shopping ca. 3 km.

Please follow the tourist signs from Hvidbjerg to Plethøj Planta...

Shelters at breakwater Q in Fjaltring

On Kjeldbjergvej in Fjaltring you find two shelters placed on a meadow, just behind the last row of dunes.  So the site has a unique and beautiful location with ...

© Moselyst, Lemvig

Shelters at Moselyst in Klosterheden.

On the road called Vilhelmsborgvejen in the municipality of Lemvig, there is a lovely place right down to a small lake where fishing is allowed.  You also find a...

© Colourbox


7570, Vemb

Possibility to camp in the field, woods and meadows. You can bathe and angle in Lilleaa Creek. Shopping: 5 Km. Raasted Church is situated at road 16 between Holstebro (13 Km) and Ulfborg (9 Km). Drive...

© Arne Jeppesen

Canoe Campsite Vemb

7570, Vemb

Canoe Campsite Vemb: The site is situated next to Storå at Burvej. Firewood available on site. The site is sheltered by trees on one side and faces the stream on the other. Situated only a few hundred...

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7500, Holstebro

The campsite is situated in a wooden area with view over a preserved river valley. Idom Kirkevej is a sideoad of highroad A16 approx. 8 Km west of Holstebro. Access for dogs on leash....

© Colourbox

Tvis Bro

7500, Holstebro

Surrounded by trees the campsite provides good shelter from the wind. Two km to the nearest grocer. From Tvis Møllevej at the south end of  the lake Vandkraftsøen you turn down Grydholtvej. 10 m befor...

© Arne Jeppesen

Canoe Campsite Naur

7500, Holstebro

The site is situated next to the river Storå. Meadow for tents. From Holstebro to Vemb: Turn left at Vembvej 17, Naur. Continue approx. 1 Km to the south via a gravel road....

© VisitHerning

The shelter site in Sunds Kommuneplantage is placed on a beautiful place in the middle of the plantation, northwest of Sunds. The site has the following facilities: Drinking water, shelters, primitive...


7400, Herning

At Birkedam you will find two tepee tents which can each house 10 - 15 people per tent. The site is situated very idyllically close to the Stream Rind Å and with great opportunities for big naturefill...

Gudumkjær Plantation is placed between Gjellerup og Sunds. The local cycle route no. 93 runs through the plantation. By following the cycle route and the signs you will be led to the shelters. He...

© VisitHerning


7400, Herning

The open place is situated on a meadow near by Storå between Karup Hedeslette and Skovbjerg Bakkeø. Nybro is located centrally in the culture and nature area "Sinding-Ørre Naturpark". The open ...

Sinding Kommuneplantage

7400, Herning

The open place is situated in a forest area north west of a village named Sinding in a hilly country with a good view. There is a pedestrian precinct to a neighbouring earlier gravel pit area to the v...

© VisitHerning

Præstbjerg Naturcenter

7400, Herning

Stay the night in a tent or a shelter
At the camp- and tent site there are 4 big shelters with room for 10 – 12 persons. 3 of the shelters can be booked in advance. The neighbouring tent site can be u...

Sinding-Ørre moor

7400, Herning

The open place is situated by Sinding-Ørre Naturpark. There is grass areas with big threes and lee and an area with agriculture, pigs and herds. The Blicherstone and Helenes House is situated in the n...

Camp in Fårbæk

7540, Haderup

Camp on a lawn in a big garden with trees. 200 m to Put & Take....

© Arne Jeppesen

Canoe Camp Site Bur Bro

6990, Ulfborg

The site is situated next to Bur bridge. Lawn for tents. The site is on cycleroute 32. At the intersection in Bur keep south. The site is right next to the bridge....

© VisitDenmark

The tent site is located by Ibæk Strandvej close to meadows, forest and the shorelines of the Vejle Inlet. Here you can enjoy nature walks through the rolling woodlands of Munkbjergskoven. The tent si...

Ravning Station, © Naturstyrelsen Trekantområdet

The tent site is located near the disused railway station of Ravning Station in a former garden encircled by trees and hedges. Bathroom and water facilities are found near the station, and there is sp...

Vingsted, © Naturstyrelsen Trekantområdet

Vingsted Lake - tent site

7182, Bredsten

The tent site is located above Vingsted Lake on the edge of the woods. Bathroom and water facilities are available at the nearby Iron Age display, and firewood can be had at the tent site. It is not p...

© VisitDenmark

The tent site is located in a grassy enclosure close to the Vejle River that meanders through the Vejle Valley and the rolling downs of the region, which were created during the Ice Age. The vall...

Kirstinelyst, © Naturstyrelsen Trekantområdet

A nature camp located by woodlands at Naturrum Kirstinelyst on the outskirts of the moorlands of Randbøl Hede offers five shelters for travellers, each sleeping 5-6 persons. The shelters are arranged ...

Bindeballe Station, © VisitVejle

The tent site is located at the former railway tracks at the now disused Bindeballe Station. Tents can be pitched between the carriages, and showers and toilets are found in the old station lavatories...

The site is situated on a lawn alongside a windscreen that gives good shelter from the west wind. From Kolding Landevej, road 161/Bicycleroute 5 and 6, you turn off at Kraftværksvej towards Skærbæk. A...

The site is situated on an old lawn at the corner of Ågade and Skolesvinget in Bredstrup, on the edge of Elbodalen. Bus Route 57 is passing by and Route 58 is 500 m away.

Peter Nielsen, Tel.: +45 75...

Cleared glade in a small coniferous forest. Grassland with a small lake and fireplace. 2 dogs and 3 icelandic horses belong to the property. The horses can take shelter at night. The site is situated ...

Teltpladsen Æ Krat

6372, Bylderup-Bov

The campsite is located close to The Scout house in Slogs Herred.There is 1 km to a shop and 2 km to the openair bath.Call in advance to contact Hanne Mette Kjaer tel.: 74 76 26 59...

© hentet fra tellus

Skoleskoven is a 3.5-hectare area, which in 1997 was forested with approximately 16,000 trees. Part of the forest is planted as an arboretum – a “tree museum” – with 52 different tree species.



Nature place with overnight accommodation at a farm:The camp is a farm holding with pigs, chickens and a dog.From road 181 (Varde-Ringkøbing) turn by the church in Outr...

© Varde Erhvervs- og Turistråd


6851, Janderup Vestj

Hyllerslev tentsite is situated not far away from a farm, where it is possible to get water....


6800, Varde

Knoldeflod is a nice tentsite with good shelter near a wood....


Place for a bonfire in Kærgaard; The covered barbecue site is situated in the attractive natural area around Tane Sø ( Tane Lake ) with its rich bird and animal life, and it is close ...

© VisitEsbjerg

Nature Camp Site Tjæreborg

6731, Tjæreborg

Nature Camp Site Tjæreborg - Only for hikers, cyclists and riders - no motor vehicles accepted!
The camp site is in an old garden where there is room for several tents.

You can buy firewood.

1 kilom...


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