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Garden of St. Hans

4000, Roskilde

Most people would not believe that a psychiatric hospital could be a popular destination for outings, but that is actually the case in Roskilde. Denmark’s oldest psychiatric hospital, St. Hans, is set...

Holstebro Park

7500, Holstebro

The park is the central, green area of the town, a place for all generations to visit. The paths enable you to get around easily and enjoy the different kinds of nature, including summer flowers, gree...

Thousand Year Garten

7500, Holstebro

The Thousand Year Garden shows future generations in the 3. millinum, how our relationship to nature was in the year 2000....

© Holstebro Kommune

Vinderup Park

7830, Vinderup

Park with ponds, gardens and forest stand. Playground with shelter, nesting boxes, benches and tables, birds' aviary, and herbaceous borders. Handicap friendly....

Højriis Slot

7900, Nykøbing M


Solgardsparken in Stroeby Egede.

Between Koege Bugt and Tryggevaelde river lies Solgardsparken, which in early times had a lot of money spent on it. In 1904 the authoress Karen Bramson built...

Valloe Castle

4600, Køge

Vallø Castle

The beautiful and majestic castle is in a big forest belonging to the estate. This historical monument is still a great and pompous castle, where noble women with roots in the old noble ...

Valloe Castle park.

4600, Køge


Valleo Castle Park is open to the public.

The Park was originally brought home in the 18th century. Shortly after construction it was converted to the current open English garden style.

At ...

Gjorslev Park

4660, Store Heddinge


Gjorselv Park.

Gjorslev Castle is 600 years old, this is Denmark´s only inhabited medieval castle.
It is built of limestone from Stevns Klint and of large bricks. Gjorslev Estate covered t...

The independent art and cultural centre Rønnebæksholm Kunst- og Kulturcenter is housed in the main building of the manor Rønnebæksholm Gods, one of the most impressive buildings in the Næsted area. Th...

Førslevgård åben have

4250, Fuglebjerg

A beautiful park with large old trees, small lakes and two avenues. Originally the garden was landscaped in rococo style by landscape architect Glæsel and later landscape architect Torben Michelsen la...

Gavnø Castle Park

4700, Næstved

Gavnø Castle Garden has been referred to as the most beautiful garden in Denmark. The floral splendour continues into the fall with tulips and narcissus being replaced by summer flowers, rhododendrons...

Gavnø Convent Church

4700, Næstved

The Convent Church is known as the most colourful church in Scandinavia. In the 15th century, Queen Margrethe the 1st founded a convent on the island, and Gavnø Castle was built up around the original...

Herlufsholm Park

4700, Næstved

The park is beautifully situated by the River Susaa. Open from sunrise to sunset. Parking at the school....


4700, Næstved

Munkebakken has a high tower commanding a wide view of almost all the sights of South Zealand.In 1997 a local artist, Jens Andersen, started converting an avenue of elms into monks. The resu...


4690, Haslev

Paradehuset is built in 1876 by architect Herholdt and is listed. It is a part of the Gisselfeld Park and inside you find a shop, where you can buy flowers, garden tools, herbs and much more.

Bregentved Manor Park

4690, Haslev

- Open Wednesdays, weekends and public holidays from 9 a.m. to sunset at 6 p.m.- Dogs must be on a leash- Wheelchairs only admitted with companion- Bus number 95 for St. ...

Gisselfeld Park

4690, Haslev

A few minutes away from roaring highways - in one most beautiful landscapes on Zealand - Gisselfeld Kloster is situated.

This is one of the oldest and best preserved renaissance castles in Denmark.


In the park at Vemmetofte Convent you can walk from "Evighedsstien" (The Eternity Way) to "Verdens Ende" (The End of the World). In order to keep the noble maidens, who lived in the convent, from fall...


Showing 351 - 369 of 369 entries