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© Fredericia Turistbureau

Grow Your City

7000, Fredericia

Urbane mobile kitchen gardens, grown by citizens, school classes, kindergartens etc., and restaurant "Ti Trin Ned" and "Oven Vande".
There are barbecue facilities and an outdoor kitchen you are fri to...

Madsby Play Park

7000, Fredericia

Welcome to Madsby Play Park

Madsby Play Park is a big family park with no entrance fee and offers activities for the whole family.. Giant playground, mooncar area, Tarzan track. Also an animal park, ...


7000, Fredericia

The Museum Garden shows the growing of tobacco as seen in Fredericia through more than 100 years. In front of the Town Museum you will find a beautyful garden with a characteristic box hedge and a uni...

Natures Playground Bangsbo

9900, Frederikshavn

The Bangsbo Area has a lot to offer.

When you take a walk in the park, make sure to visit the playground. Here you´ll find a great wooden ship and some really good swings - try them, it is also fun f...

Kennedy Parken

9900, Frederikshavn

Designed park and lake, close to the gymnasium (high school). Ducks and other birds. Cultived beds of flowering plants and agaves. ...

Booelsen Stenhave

9900, Frederikshavn

The "Garden" consists of about 1000 hewn stones from around 3000 BC to the mid-1900s. The collection includes grinding stones, mortar stones, christening fonts and holy water fonts. Founded in 19...


9900, Frederikshavn

The town's old park. Contains large shady trees, a lake, an aviary and a playground. Bocce court....

The world's largest crevice garden can be found in Bangsbo Botaniske Have in Frederikshavn.The crevice garden is a big rockery where huge oblong limestone has been placed vertically and very...

Palyground at Rønnerhavnen

9900, Frederikshavn

Visit this new playground at Rønnerhavnen right next to the Restaurant Penna´s.Close to the palm beach. ...

Bangsbo Botaniske Have

9900, Frederikshavn

Botanical garden 17.500 m2.English-style park, lawns & rhododendrons. Rose garden with 200 historical species. History of imported fruits/berries. Bonsai collection. Sensory/medicinal/herb ga...

Bangsbo Skovene

9900, Frederikshavn

Beech forest covering 100 ha with a rich variety of bird life & wildlife. Animals roam free within the fenced-in area of the forest. A trail leads through the wood, The Kings Trail,...

© Frederikssund Turistbureau

Jægerspris slotspark

3630, Jægerspris

(The Jægerspris Castle Park)In the park you will find a memorial-ground where 54 stones were erected in1770 in honour of famous Danish and Norwegian men and women.The Countess Danner's tomb ...

© Søren Wesseltoft


3630, Jægerspris

(The North Forest)The forest is mainly known for its old oaks: Kongeegen, Storkeegen og Snogegen (The King’s Oak, The Stork Oak and The Twisted Oak). It is owned by the King Frederik the VII...

© Finn Jørgensen


4050, Skibby

Lindegårdshaven A romantic 11-hectare garden, Lindegård was established in 1688, and some of its exhibits date back to that time.   ...

© Søren Wesseltoft


3630, Jægerspris

(The Ferry Grove)Færgelunden is best known for its beautiful location by the Roskilde Fjord and the idyllic ‘Swiss Cottage’ (Schweizerhus) which was built by the Heir Presumptive Prince Frederik ...


3630, Jægerspris

(The Gerlev Rose Park)Experience the beauty and scent of the roses and a wide variety of trees in Gerlevparken.A park and nature belt of about 10 hectares containing, among other things, The Dani...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

At the end of spring, you can experience the rhododendron in full bloom, in the park of Brahetrolleborg Castle in Korinth (the way - Spanget). A beautiful sight surrounding the area of the manor.


© Egeskov


5772, Kværndrup

Egeskov - The Living Castle in Funen 

Egeskov is no ordinary castle – it is one of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings, featuring a real moat, spires, a knight’s hall and ghastly creatures in its m...

© De Japanske Haver

De Japanske Haver

5672, Broby

Beautiful situated near the town Broby.

Open 1. maj- 30. september 10 p.m. till 6 p.m....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Holstenshuus Castle Park

5600, Faaborg

Holstenshuus Slotspark
The park is a private garden that is open to the public. The gardens were laid in 1753 as a rococo garden designed by G.D. Tschierske. Today, the garden is a romantic garden ret...

© Helbos Have

Helbos Garden

5772, Kværndrup

HELBOS HAVE (Helbo’s Garden) is situated a few kilometers from
Egeskov Castle by a tenant’s house, previously belonging to the Castle. The garden, bordering the stream Hågerup Å, is nearly 4000 m2 and...

Haderslev Dampark

6100, Haderslev

Beutiful park which is situated in the City of Haderslev sourrounding Haderslev Dam.Possiblity of renting pedal boats at the kiosk.Serveral arrangements take place here during the ...

Gram Manorpark

6510, Gram

The garden and the park are well worth a visit.The garden was laid out about 1700 and relaid by the landscape architect Paul Le Fevre Jacobsen in 1990.Rebuild 2000 due to damages from the st...


Folkeparken (park)

9850, Hirtshals

The park is a lovely area with paths through the woods and along the lake.
Ducks and other animals are found in the park.

There are tables and benches, where you can sit down and relax, and also a ...

Hjørring cemetery was inaugurated in 1821 and is today the east part of the cemetery. In 1869 the cemetery got expanded with a new part of the cemetery which today is the west part.

The cemetery is k...

Christiansgave - Hjørring

9800, Hjørring

Christiansgave in Hjørring is a park, situated in Hjørring's town centre.

Christiansgave today is a popular destination, where young and old gather. The grassy areas are frequently used for sunbathi...

The Arboreal Nature Park (Forstbotanisk Naturpark) at Landbogården in Hjørring is a source of inspiration for many people

The 13-hectare landscaped gardens that were laid out in 1987 containing more ...

SCT. KNUDS KILDE (St Knud's Spring) in Hjørring is a large ornamental park with woods and ponds located in a rolling terrain. The Holy Spring dating back to the 12th Century which was still visited up...

Svanelunden - Hjørring

9800, Hjørring

Svanelunden in Hjørring is an ornamental park just south from the railway station.
It was planted in 1878 and in 1884 the main pond was made into an open air ice skating rink.

A Pavillon with al fres...

Østre Anlæg

4300, Holbæk

One of Holbæk's oldest parks, laid out around a central lake. In early times, it served as the town's watering hole for cattle. Laid out as a park in the late 19th century, it was converted to its pre...


4300, Holbæk

In early records, the garden was referred to as the herb garden of the Elephant Pharmacy. After 1850, it was used for recreational purposes. In 1937 it became a public park. The pharmacy gar...


4300, Holbæk

Originating from the Middle Ages the city lake has been moved slightly to the south from its original place on the lawn....

Strandparken Holbæk

4300, Holbæk

Strandparken was donated to Holbæk Municipality in 1898 as a deed af gift by the merchant W.R. Tidemand. Laid out in romatic style, the park, is inspired by Frederiksberh Have in Copenhagen ...

© Holstebro Kommune

Vinderup Park

7830, Vinderup

Park with ponds, gardens and forest stand. Playground with shelter, nesting boxes, benches and tables, birds' aviary, and herbaceous borders. Handicap friendly....

© Flamingo Naturpark

Flamingo Nature ParkVisit our beautiful nature park and have a unigue experience. Small "rooms" and oasis spread out in the park make the perfect settings for an extraordinary pi...

Holstebro Park

7500, Holstebro

The park is the central, green area of the town, a place for all generations to visit. The paths enable you to get around easily and enjoy the different kinds of nature, including summer flowers, gree...

Nørre Vosborg - The ParkThe park is a fairy-tale world in which centuries of growth continues to give it the atmosphere that Hans Christian Andersen described already in 1859 dur...

© Holstebro Kommune

The Præstegårds Park

7500, Holstebro

If you want a special nature experience, the Præstegårds Park in Borbjerg just might be the place you are looking for. The starting point of the Præstegårds park is at the property Bukdalvej 50, which...

© Holstebro Kommune

Vemb Town Park

7570, Vemb

Vemb Town Park, and the recreational areas at the banks of Storåen are popular in Vemb....

Thousand Year Garten

7500, Holstebro

Thousand Year Garden shows future generations in the 3. millinum, how our relationship to the nature was in the year 2000.
A referencearea for studies and education about the elements of the area, pat...

Holstebro Urtehave

7500, Holstebro

Holstebro Urtehave is a self-sufficient edible garden with over 450 edible crops / varieties, including 175 herbs. There is something edible in the garden every day of the year. It is a common garden ...

© Holstebro Turistbureau


7830, Vinderup

Gartnerhaven is 15000 km2 large garden with many different flowers and herbs, etc.The garden is divided into 10 "sections"Each section has got a name and a short description of the area and what ideas...

Hørsholm Slotshave

2970, Hørsholm

Hørsholm SlotshaveNowadays, the palace gardens constitute the park which encircles Hørsholm Church. Previously, however, the area comprised the gardens around the now-demolished Hi...

Rungstedlunds 40 acres of land, which comprise the gardens and a grove, are maintained as a bird sanctuary, which is open all day. Take a walk starting from the main entrance to the Karen Bl...

66 of the 100 hectare of Vester Aslund Plantage is owned by Aalborg Municipality. In the lush forest areas there are a number of interest pats marked with colours to indicate the length of each route....

Lille Vildmose Visitor Center introduces exciting, interactive exhibits for kids and adults about the nature and culture of the bog. Watch a movie about the bog in the cinema, take a flight in the eag...

© Vallensbæk Kommune

Vallensbæk Nature playground

2625, Vallensbæk

Vallensbæk Nature Playground is a large green area with exiting play equipment. The playground has tables and benches, a barbecue and a fireplace – an ideal excursion spot for the whole...

© Glostrup kommune

RådhushavenIn Rådhushaven garden you will find a variety of large chestnut trees and the beautiful sculpture, "Two Sisters Playing", by Mogens Bøggild.In the middle of ...

© Glostrup kommune

Solvangsparken in GlostrupLandscaped in 1946, the park is one of Glostrup's crown jewels.Actually, Solvangsparken is a small botanical garden with a multitude of tree species and...

© Glostrup kommune

The Egepark in Glostrup

2600, Glostrup

Egeparken in GlostrupDesigned by the landscape architect C. Th. Sørensen, Egeparken is situated in the western corner of the municipality.The park has a stand of oak tr...


Showing 51 - 100 of 369 entries