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Sct. Olufs Kilde

5700, Svendborg

There used to be a chapel near the place where the fountain is now. The chapel was torn down in 1634. Open all day....

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5700, Svendborg

Impressive burial mound - 4 Metres high, 20 Metres in diameter. Beautiful view from the top. Open all day....

Thurø Vaskested

5700, Svendborg

Thuroe Vaskested is a preserved relic consisting in a spring, a flat stone and a groove all the way to the beach. Open all day....

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5700, Svendborg

A 3 m. long and 2 m broad stone with 105 bowlmarks, 4-6 cm. in diametre. The bowlmarks are some of the most frequent sacredmarks, probably fertilitymarks. Open all day....

Ørkild Borgruin

5700, Svendborg

One of the biggest castle mounds in Denmark. The castle was burned down in 1543 by the citizens of Svendborg. Today only a few remains of the ruin are left in a big, fenced sheeparea. On Viebaeltegaar...

The passage graves by Stenstrup. Excavated twin burial chamber.
Each chamber is 6m deep an almost 3m wide....

Near Lejre a chieftains tomb was found.Two rows of highstanding stones in the form of a ship from the Viking period - one of the largest tombs of its kind in Scandinavia.Roski...

Øm Passage Grave

4320, Lejre

The passage grave at Øm is from the Neolithic Age. The burial chamber is 7 m. long, built of 15 uprights and 4 capstones weighing several tons. A man can stand erect inside.

Open all year round. Bri...

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4571, Grevinge

The Frenderupgaard dolmen is probably the most impressive of the many bronze age barrows in Odsherred. It is a round barrow with a hexagonal chamber and entrance. The dolmen is located by Herrestrup i...


4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Viking burial mounds, called Troldhøje.A group of 2 hills with a view over the sea covered with beeches and oaks....

Geopark Odsherred

4573, Højby

Geopark Odsherred has been admitted as Denmark’s very first Geopark to the International and UNESCO subsidized Global Geoparks Network.

Denmark’s kitchen garden
Odsherred has been a rich agricultura...

When the monks started building the Monastery of Vitskøl in the 12th Century it was meant to be the largest church in Scandinavia and one of the biggest in Northern Europe at the time.

The work start...

One kilometre sourthwest of Vojens, on the Skrydstrup field, stands the barrow in which the Skrydstrup Woman was found in 1935. A sign by the Vojens-Over Jerstal road points to the barrow. The oak cof...

The Vedsted mounds

6500, Vojens

Near the road to Abkær in Vedsted there are a number of burial mounds. Within a large burial mound there is a passage grave which was excavated in 1888.
Do not forget to bring a flash light. To the ...

The greek historian Strabo tells that the Cimbri held in high esteern magnificent chariots and enormous metal cauldrons preferably made of silver. The discovery in 1891 of a magnificient silver cauldr...

Birket Bavnehøj

4943, Torrig L

The highest place on Lolland. 30 m over sea level.The hill is located in a private garden (staircase)....


Showing 251 - 266 of 266 entries

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