Castles and Vikings in South Jutland

Ring Riding Festival
South Jutland is a historical treasure trove, with well-preserved ancient towns, castles, cathedrals and a multitude of exciting museums.

The ruined castle

Koldinghus Castle Ruin is a treat in itself, but it also houses some interesting museums, including one dedicated to Danish silver. Just outside Kolding, you’ll find the Trapholt museum, where you can enjoy contemporary art, handicrafts and design.

World-famous architect

In Tønder, the city's old water tower has been made into a museum for townsman and architect Hans J. Wegner and his world-famous chairs.

Denmark's oldest town

Get a fine introduction to the Ribe of Viking times at the city’s fascinating Viking Museum. The nearby Battlefield Centre, Dybbøl Banke, explores the war between Denmark and Germany in 1864, where Denmark lost the region of Southern Slesvig.

Medieval Jutland

Sønderborg Castle Museum leads you through the history of South Jutland from medieval times to the present day, while Frøslevlejrens Museum takes you back to WWII and is built around a German prisoner of war camp.

A knight's tale!

While you’re in South Jutland, you have the unique opportunity to witness the medieval art of Tilting. This highly technical sport has enjoyed a revival in South Jutland, with an annual ring riding festival in Sønderborg. In titling, competitors old and young ride horses towards and ring of reducing size with a lance. Travel back in time and see a traditional ring joust, one of the biggest events of the South Jutland summer calendar.


It’s also not far from South Jutland to the ancient Viking fortifications of Danevirke, an impressive linear defence network of pronounced earth mounds, last part of Denmark in the 1800s.

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Denmark has a unique Viking history. For thousands of years, the Vikings' skills on the battle-field and producing long boats, dominated the culture and history of Northern Europe including Great Britain. Learn more about Denmark's Viking past and experience Viking adventures of your own.

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