South Sealand, Denmark

South Sealand's towns and villages

South Sealand is dotted with small towns and quaint fishing and harbour villages. Many of the towns have well-preserved medieval areas and attractions and all are well worth a visit.


You’ll find Næstved makes an interesting day trip, as its location on the River Suså has made it an important trade town since medieval times. Explore the town’s old churches, streets and houses. Næstved’s old monastery today houses Denmark's most prestigious boarding school.



The harbour town of Køge sits at the north of South Sealand, near Copenhagen. Stroll around Køge's medieval town centre, which is beautifully-preserved with many houses painted in lively colours. You can catch the ferry here to Bornholm.


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South Sealand

South Sealand

A dramatic Baltic Coast region, lined with high white cliffs, holiday islands sheltered beaches and wonderful wildlife.