Islands adventures

With over 400 islands, Denmark is the place to experience an island holiday camp. Nature, relaxation, tranquillity and an amazing community spirit await you on an island camping holiday. Camps often operate under certain themes, for example folk music, dance or crafts but many are just pure, unadulterated relaxation.

All hands on deck

Campers all take part in tasks such as cooking, washing dishes and cleaning, in rotation. Camps are set up with large, communal tents, designated either as sleeping tents, activity tents or as kitchen tents with kitchen utensils, bottled gas, tables and benches. The camps also provide washing areas and toilet facilities. You bring your own sleeping bags and mats, but have to leave everything electrical at home as there’s no electricity.

Where to find them

Island camps are open to all and can be found on several Danish islands, including Lyø, Drejø, Skarø and Samsø. They are a basic and inexpensive holiday and a really unique experience.

Further information

Email the Danish Island Camp Movement ( to ask for more details on island holiday camps in Denmark.