Practical Information

It's easy to get around Denmark by public transport. Distances between places are small, so you can get from one end of the country to the other relatively quickly.

Domestic flights in Denmark

There are several daily flights from Copenhagen to cities around Denmark. SAS have direct flights to Aarhus, Aalborg and Billund. Norwegian flies direct to Aalborg, Billund and Karup. Not sure where to fly to in Denmark? Here's a handy list of airports in Denmark to help you decide!

Train travel

The Danish national rail operator DSB operates regular train services between Copenhagen and towns across Denmark and southern Sweden. A train from Copenhagen to Aarhus will take three hours, to Aalborg four hours and to Odense an hour and a half. You can see  train routes, find times and book train tickets with DSB by calling +45 70 13 14 15. There is also the option of booking via the DSB website, where they have a handy tutorial for how to use their Danish booking system.

InterRail and Eurail passes

Non-European travellers in Denmark can take advantage of the Eurail Denmark Pass, for cheap train travel in and around Denmark. Eurail also offers a Europe-wide Eurail pass which includes travel in Denmark. If you are a European citizen, you can use the InterRail Denmark Pass instead, for cheap rail travel round Denmark, or the InterRail Pass around Europe.

Denmark by coach

If you prefer travelling by coach, or want to explore more remote areas of Denmark, the country has an extensive network of long-distance bus routes. These are operated by different companies and not all of them have English-language websites, so it’s a good idea to contact the tourist office of the destination you have in mind, to ask for their guidance on routes and tickets.

See our Tourist office section for contact details. 

Travelling by Danish ferry

Denmark is an island nation and there are thousands of ferry routes between the islands and between Denmark and other countries. Search our list of ferry companies to find route details and prices.

Travel Planner

Try this useful Travel Planner for suggestions on the best way of getting from A to B in Denmark. You can also use it to book tickets for trains and buses.