Practical Information

A gateway to the sea

Denmark is dotted with quaint marinas, over 350 in fact, so you are never far from a gateway to a holiday on water. From smaller atmospheric ports to large modern marinas in the bigger cities, there are marinas of all kinds all around the Danish coast. Many offer shower, toilet and electricity facilities.


Prices for the use of marinas vary depending on the marina and size of your boat. Here are some average daily rates:

Boats under 8 metres: 60 to 150kr
Boats under 12 metres: 80 to 150kr
Boats over 12 metres: 120 to 250kr

Freeport Scheme

If you are a member of a club that is connected to the Freeport Scheme, you can use other Freeport Scheme marinas free of charge. There are around 150 Danish Freeport marinas, as well as Swedish, Norwegian and German ports in the scheme. Find out more about the scheme from your sailing club.

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