Practical Information


Sleep on the wild side

If official campsites are not your thing and you crave the serenity of a night camping in the wild, Denmark is the country for you. With over 1,000 areas for wild camping, there are a multitude of natural camping experiences waiting for you. No caravans or motorised vehicles are allowed in these places. They are pure, unspoilt spots where you must leave nothing but your own footprints behind.


Wild camping sites are often equipped with running water and toilet and around a third have shelters you can sleep in. You may only sleep a maximum of one night at each location.

Further reading

The Danish Nature Agency gives the following guidelines for wild camping.

They also have a map of all wild camping spots in Denmark.This function is in Danish but if you click “Overnatning” on the left-hand menu, all the wild camping spots (primitive overnatningspladser) will be shown on the map of Denmark.

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