Practical Information

Family-friendly holidays

Farm holidays are very popular, family-friendly and a chance to learn something new, no matter what your age. If you book a farm holiday, you will stay on a farm in a private room at either full or half-board. You’ll have the chance to take part in the daily activities of the farm, helping out with a wide range of jobs and learning about small-scale agricultural production.

Country breaks

Another similar holiday experience is a country holiday, where you stay at a separate location in a house or apartment and are responsible for your own food. You can still take part in activities at the local farm, if they offer such an experience.


Farm holidays cost around 400kr for two people sharing a double room. Breakfast typically costs 50kr per person per day and dinner, 100kr. Country holidays peak around 3,500kr per week for an apartment with four beds.

Further reading

Several tourist agencies organise farm and country holidays, for example:

The National Association for Rural Tourism

The National Association for Organic Agricultural Tourism

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