Practical Information

Dine with the Danes

Home dinners are a unique experience and a chance to dine at home with everyday Danish people. Hundreds of Danish families have signed up as willing hosts, offering visitors their homes and company for a quality evening. Your hosts will prepare you a delicious Danish meal which you will share with them. It’s a great experience for both host and visitor and a chance to chat or ask about Denmark and Danish culture from a real-life expert.

How much does it cost to dine with the Danes?

A home dinner will cost around 400kr per person, which included a two-course meal with drinks, tea and coffee. It is sometimes possible to stay the night with your host family.

How to dine with the Danes

The agencies Dine With The Danes and Meet the Danes offer home dinners and take care matching visitors with hosts based on interests and age. You can conteact them directly to book your dinner with a Danish family on dinewiththe....

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