Practical Information

Fishing all year round

You can fish on Denmark’s high-seas all year round and all day long. Fishing trips are easy to organise and to get to – you are never further than 52km from Denmark’s 7,000km-long coastline.

Where to fish

Popular places to fish include Great Belt (between Sealand and Funen), Little Belt (between Funen and Jutland) and for the adventurous with good sea legs, The Yellow Reef, a high plateau area on the edge of the Norwegian Deep, off the North Coast of Denmark.

Tour operators

You can join an organised fishing trip as an individual, but many operators also organise group tours where you can chose the destination yourself. Special tours are also available, such as family trips, shipwreck tours or trips for certain species like mackerel or flatfish. Troll fishing is possible of the coast of Bornholm. The type of boat, services they provide and duration of trip vary from company to company.


A tour of four to six hours typically costs about 250kr for adults and slightly less for children, not including the mandatory fishing licence you need to buy.

Further reading

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