Where to park your campervan in Denmark

You can always park and sleep in your campervan and motorhome in official campsites in Denmark. There are also rest stops around the country, including public car parks, where you can pull up, refresh, refill water, sleep overnight and use the services, provided you don't make a camp. If this is not allowed at specific car parks, you will see signs stating this.

Special summer motorhome sites

Some towns and harbours around Denmark make special provisions for campervans in the summer months, where you can park your campervan and enjoy local sights during the day and sleep in your campervan at night, for a small fee. Ask at your local tourist office for details of provisions in your areas. As well as this, there are many farms around Denmark that offer pitches and places to park campervans on their land (called farm camping).

Motorhomes at Danish campsites

Around 90% of Danish campsites with a star classification provide campervan facilities and the possibility of filling your water tank. Many campsites have also special space set aside for motorhomes.

DK-Camp campsites offer Quick Stop-nights  where you can stay at a reduced price in your campervan/motorhome, if you arrive after 8pm and leave before 10am the next day.

Further reading

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