A typical Danish holiday experience

There are around 40,000 holiday homes for rent in Denmark. Most are privately owned and rented through a tourist office or agency. Holiday and summer houses tend to be located in picturesque areas, often near inland water or the coast and are decorated with individual, Danish style. They are an extremely popular holiday form amongst Danes.

Types of houses

An average Danish holiday/summer house will have four to six beds, but you will also find larger houses, especially along Denmark’s west coast, that can accommodate up to 12 people. Summer houses are spread throughout the country but there are some well-known summer house areas, namely North Jutland, the West Coast, the islands of Rømø and Fanø, eastern Funen, Falster and Bornholm.

Practical information

You normally rent summer houses for a week with Saturday being the typical changeover day. Outside of the high season, it’s possible to rent houses for shorter periods of time. Houses are always fully equipped with kitchen utensils, crockery, pillows and duvets but you normally need to bring your own bed linen.


For a modern, furnished house with shower and toilet, hot and cold water, refrigerator and two to three bedrooms with room for four to six people, you can expect to pay around 3,500kr for a week in the high season. Prices vary slightly depending on region.

Additional facilities

For a house in a particularly attractive area and/or with special facilities such as dishwasher, washing machine, working fireplace, sauna etc., you can expect to pay around 5,000kr per week in the high season. You can normally pay to have the summer house cleaned at the end of your stay.

Luxury summer houses

You can also rent luxury summer houses in Denmark, with top-of-the-range facilities such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, satellite TV and extra beds. Prices will start from around 11,500kr in the high season. You may be able to find deals on these types of houses off peak season.


Here, you can book holiday houses on Bornholm and Funen, and in East Jutland, North Jutland, North Sealand, South Jutland, South Sealand, West Jutland, West Sealand and Copenhagen.