Denmark's disabled access

Physical accessibility in Danish society has been rapidly improving over the last few decades. As a disabled visitor, you can access a wide variety of places, services and experiences on holiday in Denmark. Many local tourist offices have disability guides to their local area. See our Tourist offices section for how to contact them.

The Accessibility Label

The Accessibility Label is a tourism labelling scheme for accessibility. Details of all the attractions and services participating can be found on the Accessibility Label Scheme website.


Accessibility on Danish trains, buses, ferries and at airports is tailored to meet the needs of disabled visitors. Most ferries have special cabins and wide elevators for disabled passengers. Disabled toilets are provided on trains, as well as lifts and ramps for access on and off the train.

Mobility equipment rental

If you need to rent a wheelchair or another device to assist you during your holiday in Denmark, contact one the following services: Senior Shop on +45 39 43 05 50 or Dansk Plejeteknik on +45 58 85 34 40. 

Accessing nature

Many of the Danish State Forests offer facilities to enable access for mobility-impaired visitors. Your local tourist office can help you find information from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency’s website, which lists all disabled facilities in Danish.

Accessibility database

Danish wheelchair users gather and register information on wheelchair accessibility at attractions and restaurants all over Denmark. The result is the biggest accessibility database of its kind in Scandinavia. This excellent resource is in Danish, but ask the local tourist office of your destination for help accessing its information.