Entrance fee

Most amusement and theme parks in Denmark require paid entry at the gate. The off-season provides lots of opportunities for getting in at reduced prices, especially later in the day.


For the various Danish summerland (sommerland) amusement parks and associated water parks around Denmark, you pay a single entry fee, which gives you use of all rides and amusements inside. An entrance fee is typically between 75 and 200kr for both children and adults (children under 3-4 years are free).

Amuseument parks

For Tivoli and other Danish amusement parks (with the exception of Dyrehavsbakken north of Copenhagen, which has free entry), you pay both admission and tickets for individual rides. You can get a discount card for entry or a passport ticket to multiple rides. Entry fee tends to cost around 20 to 40kr for children and 40 to 95kr for adults. At Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, children over seven years pay an adult fare.

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