Copenhagen is Cooking in February

Copenhagen Cooking with blue gold and MAD Mondays

This winter's edition of Copenhagen Cooking, which runs throughout February, pays tribute to blue gold, MAD Mondays, gastronomic quizzes and dishes which turn into choruses. When this winter's edition of the food festival, Copenhagen Cooking, gets underway in February it will pay tribute to some of the season's finest raw ingredients. One of them is the blue mussel – so-called blue gold – which is fresh and delicious at this cold time of year.
Monday, January 7, 2013

Under the banner ‘Blue Gold’, you can enjoy a gastronomic afternoon boat trip, where different restaurants at the harbour will conjure up signature dishes centred on the blue mussel. February is also the month when you can encounter soup bikes in the inner city serving up blue mussels in the pot - with the whole experience being topped off with a wonderful closing dinner as a gastronomic finale. 

Monday turns MAD
Another new initiative during Copenhagen Cooking is MAD Mondays (MAD meaning food in Danish), organised by the people behind the MAD symposium. Here you can take part in an informal monthly gathering and debate our food culture while learning about the food and gastronomy of the future. The event is free and participants can look forward to beer from renowned brewer Mikkeller and homemade soup.
You can also take part in an unforgettable culinary experience when ‘I’m a Kombo’ serves up ‘The Social Act’ which explores and interprets the modern framework and social context of the meal. Humour, interaction, function, innovation and surprise all play a key part. Look forward to gastronomic connoisseurs and an evening where you are sure to talk just as much with the other guests as the people you came with.

Fillet a fish, dine and quiz
If you want to get hands-on with fish, then Meyers Madhus is just the ticket. Filleting knife in hand, you will learn how to handle our friends from the deep as you help to prepare two pop-up fish dinners. After preparing the fish under the watchful guidance of Madhuset's chefs, you get to enjoy a wonderful fish dinner.
You can compete in a gastronomic quizzes while enjoying a 5-course menu, embark on a filling exploration of Nordic cuisine or visit a pop-up restaurant which invites you for a sustainable dinner at long tables to a backdrop of live jazz.

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Wondercool Copenhagen Cooking

The full programme for Copenhagen Cooking will be available on the Copenhagen Cooking website 

Copenhagen Cooking, which is organised by Wonderful Copenhagen and several of the city's leading gastronomic players, has existed since 2005 as an August event. Copenhagen Cooking’s winter edition is a part of Wonderful Copenhagen’s umbrella festival, Wondercool, which in addition to food also turns the spotlight on fashion, design, art, architecture and music.

Copenhagen Cooking is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Blue Gold is a concept developed by food concept agency Konvers. The Blue Gold Group includes Copenhagen Cooking, Food Organisation of Denmark (FOOD), the Association of Danish Fishmongers and the Danish Fishing Industry.